She blogs…..

Finally finally, I enter 2007 and post my very first blog! I only felt it most appropriate to post my first about an amazing women by the name of Belladonna. I have looked forward to working with her since my first month in this industry over 3 years ago and finally that fantasy came into fruition. We did a live show for her website a few weeks ago and of course we had amazing sex and lots of fun!!! It being my first time working with her and formally meeting her, I was completely taken aback by her innocence, sweetness, humbleness, sexiness, “down-to-earthness” and pretty much any other positive word you want to throw in the mix! So… that being said, today we played again for her movie Fetish Fanatic 6 and today was very different than the last time we “worked” with each other. Belladonna came up with the yummy idea that we should have sex and incorporate dessert as well. Just imagine, two chicks totally into each other with ice cream dripping all down our bodies, loads of sprinkles, cherrys and whipped cream in naughty places and delicious cup cakes fed to each other by our cute little toes. There’s many more fun and tasty things we did but I will leave some things to the imagination. So my main point of all of this is…Belladonna is fucking awesome and we had a blast together. I hope you enjoy the pics from our shoot today and I will definitely keep you guys more updated from now on.XOXO Sammie

I guess I will have to post pics later seeing that I can’t figure out how the hell to do it!



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