Fayner Posts: Usually we don’t rejoice when people die, but Jerry, well, we have no other emotion but happiness when talking about his death. I’m sure, when no one is around and he was sitting on the toilet smoking a fat joint, Jerry was a stand-up guy who enjoyed life. But outside that bathroom, Jerry was all business, stopping at nothing to bring his brand of nazism into the living room of every American household.

And who could forget Jerry’s crusade against Larry Flynt. Not only did Jerry not take a joke, the good Reverend took up precious time choggig the Supreme Court for his battle against impurity. But low and behold he lost! and  for a while we were free from the Nazi claw! But from Falwell spawned Ashcroft and therefore we think one-sided God-talk from psychopathic old farts will never cease.

We at LukeFord feel for Jerry’s friends and family, we do; we never wanted him to die. Braindead, now that’s another story.

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