Fayner Posts: Cable was out the other night in my neighborhood, so in need of entertainment I decided to call Lisa Marie ’cause she is pretty much as fun as TV…more fun than The Cosby show but less fun than MASH.

I bet Alan Alda sucks a mean cock.

That was wrong to say.

Tisk tisk.

But as we were sitting there on the couch watching American Psycho, I thought I was in the mood for a foot job.

Lisa Marie’s the type of gal who’ll do mostly anything…I mean, she was at my place without me having to drug her. So off went her socks, and off she went.

Then I discovered that this young hottie has not one but two amazing talents that she can somehow do at the same time!

This gal can light a cigarette lighter with her toes, and, now this is where it gets tricky…while simultaneously talking about lighting a cigarette lighter with he toes.

I for one was amazed.

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