She’s a hotel heiress, party girl, reality TV star and now a porn director?

Paris Hilton’s sexually explicit orders to her ex-boyfriend on their amateur sex tape could get an Internet porn purveyor off the hook.

Seattle-based Marvad Corp. asked a federal judge in Los Angeles on Monday to dismiss a copyright-infringement lawsuit filed by Rick Salomon on the basis that Hilton’s actions also gave her rights to the raunchy home movie.

U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson said he will rule on the motion at an unspecified later date.

Salomon sued the company last November after it distributed a bootleg clip of the video on its Website, www.sexbrat.com.

Also named in the lawsuit was Salomon’s former roommate, Don Thrasher, the alleged culprit behind the stealing, copying and selling the smutty flick to Marvad without Salomon’s permission.

Thrasher, who’s also being sued by Marvad, maintains that his former roomie was in on the tape sale all along and pocketed his share of the $50,000 windfall.

Regardless, Marvad’s attorneys have purportedly found some wiggle room.

In the motion to dismiss, the company’s legal team argued that the case should be dropped because Salomon lied about being the tape’s sole owner.

"Unfortunately for Salomon, the video also depicts Ms. Hilton participating fully in the creation of the video," the motion said. "Ms. Hilton offered directorial comments and physically controlled and directed the camera."

The hotel heiress even goes so far as to push Salomon out of one frame so as to not block the shot, the document said.

"Salomon’s failure to identify Ms. Hilton as a co-author on the application for copyright registration renders the certificate of registration invalid and fraudulent," quibbled the suit.

Salomon, who shot the footage with a Sony digital camcorder, disagrees and maintains the tape is his. "All’s I know [is], I got the rights. It’s my video. I shot it. I own it. My camera. My video," the 35-year-old told E! Online earlier this month.

As the self-professed rightful owner of the 38-minute tape, Salomon recently went into business for himself, selling the sexcapade for $50 a pop on his Website, www.trustfundgirls.com.

However, Salomon has so far dodged questions as to whether he would split profits with Hilton.

For her part, the Simple Life star has filed a $30 million suit against yet another company, this one based in Panamana, for allegedly illegally obtaining the full-length footage.

Calls to her publicist and attorney on Tuesday were not returned.

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