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Fake people from the past….

Ok. where should I start? When I began performing in porno about 3 years ago I had friends from way back and they did nothing but dis me for choosing porn…Its the devil…youre never goin to succeed…Im a "WHore", Im not goin to be happy..beleive me Ive heard it all…bla bla bla..Guess what if you wanna know where my life stand buy a membership to my website or read my myspace. youll find out about me..I add everyone to my friends so dont think I added u cuz i realized its u… YOu all will never see me freak out like this but today i got an email from an X dear friend of mine whom really hurt my feelings back in the day when  I was weak. The beginnign of porn. Its all petty..yes I know…..but WOW people really make me go HUH?? lol…The truth is .I should post this once a month…because now these people find me on myspace and wanna act like everything is cool…NO it doesnt work like that. If YOU PEOPLE  WERE APART OF MY LIFE B4 2004 and I havent SPOKEN to you since then….I wonder y? Think about it… You probably werent supportive of my JOB in PORN!!!!! SO dont bother contacting me years later like we’re cool and goin to kick it  cuz guess what we’re not …. I dont care!!

I hate to get angry….but goosshhh….people never fail to amaze me…lol…



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