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Getting High and watching Colbert Repot.

Has many of you know or do not know I smoke weed. I don’t drink or do anything else but I am a daily weed smoker. (jeez being Penny Flames BF kind of gives it away) I get bad anxiety it helps

Last night I was sitting on the couch taking "bong snaps" with ice; flipping through the guide I noticed that the Colbert Report was on. Now I stay fairly busy and I hardly get to watch it so it is like a treat to me. yes entertaining un-biased news. SCORE! Now I am pretty into our government and what is taking place in our country now days. I am an American and I believe in the future of our country. As and Adult Actress I am exercising my American born right to be expressive. I am an American Girl. All of my parents are influential key people in the Fire Department- my mother retired as a Battalion Chief and now works for Fema. My brother is a Marine he is the direct liaison for the government and works with "IRAQ VETS" that are amputees (yes we now have veterans to this war). Everyday he works with boys barely 18 that have lost their legs and will never be able to walk on there own again. Hey people this is real shit. 911 really hit home for me, firefighters work hard lives. Most departments work off a 24 hr on and 48 hr off or A,B,C Shift schedule. So we would all be together every 3 days as a family. I’ve heard countless stories of emergency situations and on several occasions have seen first hand as my parents selflessly help others and risk their lives. If New York was Annapolis, I know my parents wouldn’t be here.

When I was at this years AVN awards, I didn’t really go out much. I was really going through a retaliation of myself in comparison to the world I live in. One evening after signing I was relaxing in my room smoking a joint that my really good buddy Dave rolled for me watching "Everyone loves Raymond" when this Presidential bulletin came across the screen and bush came on the screen. He was announcing that we would be sending even more troops to Iraq. I turned off the TV laid on my bed and cried. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I called a few people I though were friends and they couldn’t give a shit less it. Then thinking back they never really gave a shit about me either. During Vietnam the people cared about what happened to their country they protected her and her future. For heaven sakes women where protesting topless on the lawns of the white house.

So . . . back to the Colbert Report- I am sitting there chilling and I hear that fucking England is pulling out of the war. People this is getting serious- we need to write our representatives, get our boys, home and give these people a chance to help themselves. WE need to focus on our issues and not be lead to believe that we do not have the power to make things better.


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