Well yesterday I was having a great day and feeling on top of the world.  During the day I had a few sex-capades that took place one of which I took on three hot and sexy chicks!!  Not bad for a days work if I must say so myself… Well this is where the whole me being to nice comes in  I left my shoot saying god I love my job and as I was sitting at a table with a group of my real girlfriends (ones I don’t fuck but if I could get over the fact that they are like my sisters I just might try to fuck them)  and they were saying how they hated there jobs and I without hesitation I chimed in with I can’t complain I am very lucky.  Well now the bill comes and as usual we all reach for our purses to pay for our parts and to my suprise I was missing a nice stack of hundred dollar bills. Now comes the waves of emitions starting from  totototototoand back to  again.  My mama V made sure I was calm and got some rest but not the best rest it was one of those nights where right when u fall asleep u snap right out of it and lay there and think…Well I was woken up this morning and all I could think is god I must be a giant whore cause I am not quite sure what all those girls names were.  this is how I would have explained them… Asian, Punky, wanna be MODEL, and then lil ol me just there to make some bitches realize that I was only here to dominate the entire scence. HAHAHAHA.. Now I am just confused on how to handle this. I also made a call to two men in my life and all I said is that I was upset and needed to talk.  Well only one called and texted me last night and the only thing that upset me about that is that I would give up so much  to be with the one who did not call and the hurt go’s on!!!!  Well as long as I remain the same in my heart I could care less I am gonna just pick my head up and know that I have so many other great people in my life that do really care and have told me that every thing is gonna be alright!!!!

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