Eve Blogs on her myspace….

Alright Alright- I know it has been a while. And I know I promised you a surprise by the 15th. But I live in Maryland and we had an ice storm and I was with out electricity.

The truth is that I have broken away from "clubevelaurence.com". "clubevelaurence.com" is no longer my official site. EVELAURENCE.COM owned and operated by yours truely.

For the first official five days of the launch of EVELAURENCE.COM. I will give away for FREE autographed 8X10’s to anyone that joins.

Any if you were a faithful member of "clubevelaurence.com" you shall also receive a FREE DVD.

I am sorry for all of the confusion. It takes a while to get these thing together.

"eve laurence"

Angel Falls Entertainment

NOTE: Eve is one of the sweetest girls in the business… since she moved back to Maryland it’s been hard for her and the clubevelaurence site to stay in sync because of the distance…. but now she’s decided to create her own site, run it all by herself and have all the control. She’s a great kid, a hot performer… and all the best to her. Fans should support Eve’s nww site. We wish her all the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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