I changed my hair color.. I am not allowed to bleach it until after baby…so I went dark. It looks preety good. I will take some pics and post them………..I cant belive how quick your body changes when your gonna have a baby. I cant fit in my jeans!!! My belly is starting to curve out and every pair of pants I own is a size 4.. 🙁   I was  looking the other day at maternity cloths and I wanted to cry.. they all really suck.. I dont think I am big enough for most of them and I dont fit in my stuff so I dont know what to do.. Do I just stay in my sweats for the next 2 months until I will fit in some ..Thats not sexy!!! I want to get dressed up for my hunny tomorrow and nothing looks good…I’m glad he loves me.. well I am just ranting beacase I can … and I will talk later..

I have my next ob  appt on the 2nd of march and I cant wait.. In  a week I will be in my second trimester.

You can send me baby gifts to the addy on the front page!! Or maternity cloths!!!

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