Fayner Posts: I guess this is from Jezebelle’s MySpace page. What a bad ass. I like this in a chick.


i went to a porn party tonight for "naughty and nice"…too bad they didn’t expect the naughty part! so i saw this cavernous vagina named "charlotte" who made a pass at my dude about a year ago. what she failed to realize is that I REMEMBER SHIT! so…i get a drink…or two…go up to her at the party…put my hand on her shoulder and my thumb on her throat. i say to her " i know who you are and i remember you trying to fuck my dude behind my back. i will eat your fucking liver bitch."

i leave to go do publicity pics for  friend…if i seriously wanted to do her harm…HA HA HA! i would’ve! not ten minutes later does some random "bouncer" come in and tell me i have to leave. well, if i’m getting kicked out then it’s FAIR GAME BITCHES!!! so i slam her head against the wall. not like the bleach head is gonna feel anything…AT ALL!

charlotte…sweet tits…save yourself the humiliation of having your ass beat in front of cameras -OR- having to look over your shoulder constantly for your own private "boogie man" for the rest of your career and just let me beat the shit outta your face! dammit! i guess your daddy got there WAY WAY before me…by the looks of it…someone rolled over that shit storm with a tractor trailer! like whoa!

kisses on whatever parts still have tread!

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