Age 19

Birthplace San Diego, Ca

Current Location Somewhere in the Valley, Ca

Hair Color Brownish

Eye Color Greenish, Blueish, with this cool yellow outline around my pupil. YES, I study my eyeballs haha

Height ALMOST 5ft 1in

Heritage Half White and I am a little bit mexican, like my dad

Your fears Sharks (I scuba dive) And losing my loved ones

Your weakness My freaking dog. He has a wardrobe just as big as mine!

Goal for today Well, it is almost bedtime

Goal for this year I want a Wicked Contract by Feb 07!!!

Lifetime goal I would like to reach out to girls with ED, and continue to help them beat this disorder

When do you want to get married? After my long engagement

and to whom? Travis Nestor

Ever been in love? Yes

Currently in love? Yes

Do you think you are attractive? Ive come to think so

Your best physical feature My eyes

Have you ever…

eaten Sushi… LOVE SUSHI

gone skinny dipping… Yes

been beaten up… No

wanted to kill someone… Yes, That retarded old lady on Grandmas Boy

gone a week without MySpace… Yes I have.. SURPRISE

gone a week without TV… Yes… I am NOT an addict

Who’s the last person to…

kiss you…
My baby Honey Luv

say hi to you…
My driver JAY

talk to you…
My SLAVE.. Travis Nestor

What’s the last...

Time you cried? Like a Month ago..

Book you’ve read?
The Divinci Code

Store you’ve been in?

Can you…

I Like to

Speak a differenty language?
A little bit of spanish


Write w/ both hands?
Yes but my right hand is not as good as my left

Not anymore. I had braces and when they removed them, I lost my whistle. DAMN BRACES!

Finish the line…

If I had a…
Contract I would Go back to school. So I can be smarter then you haha

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