Fayner Posts: Down in Hollywood on Sunset there’s a Ralph’s supermarket known as "Rock and Roll Ralph’s." It’s named so because rock stars go in there all fucked up in the middle of the night and buy things like cigarettes and whipped cream.

Well, there’s a Coffee Bean in Woodland Hills that should be renamed "Porno Coffee Bean" for all the porno people who visit it each day.

I was mentioning this to Taylor this morning when I went with her to get some coffee at Coffee Bean when Penny Flame walked in. She looked like she was wearing leg warmers and spandex. Upon closer look I saw that she was.

"Awesome!" I yelled. "Bringing back the 80s! I like that!"

We chatted for a couple of minutes as the guy behind the counter spit in her mocha latte.

"What’s on the horizon for Penny Flame?" I asked.

"I’m trying to shoot a movie at the Cannibis Cup in Amsterdam (late November)."

"Is Shane’s World gonna let you do it?" I asked.

"I hope so. But I’m going anyway."

"You know you probably won’t be coming back, right? Lots of potheads go and stay forever."

"That’s the plan!" she joked.

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