Fayner Posts: I hate writing bad things about my good friends, but sometimes I have to think of my loyal fans and their needs instead of remaining silent when my friends are fucking with the consumer.

I got a tip some weeks back telling me to look into the Dez’s Dirty Weekend series and the possibility of there being fraud nestled deep within the hours of sex and fun and parties and boats…

So I went snooping, and to my dismay I uncovered the shocking truth Dez doesn’t want you to know about the Dez’s Dirty Weekend series.

It seems, according to the sworn testimony and model releases we obtained, that every volume of the series was shot on either a Monday through Wednesday or a Tuesday through Thursday instead of on weekends as the series is advertised as being shot on.

Dez’s defense about the ongoing lie is that as a veteran partier every day is a weekend in his eyes. Whether Dez committed unlawful acts is up for the courts to decide, but the damaging blow has already affected Dez’s long-time girlfriend Alaura Eden, who was last seen walking the streets of Northridge in her pajamas mumbling the days of the week.

This investigation is not by any means closed, as we are now looking into the rumor that there were showers on location of every Dez’s Dirty Weekend, which would make the "Dirty" part of the title also a lie.

What’s next, are we going to find out that his real name isn’t even Dez?

We’ll keep you posted as we gain information on this huge porno scandal.

Shame on you Dez!

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