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Dave Cummings

Fayner Says: The article Dave sent me is almost as long as the line he waits in to sign up for Bingo and his retirement home, and that is fucking long! It must have three weeks and 150 naps for him to write this damn thing. Anyway, you can read the whole thing at his site named above ’cause I’m only including a few paragraphs from it that deal with guys getting into the biz.

BY: Dave Cummings—-Porn Star/Producer/Director


Let’s look now at the issue of men wanting to become porn studs. Prior to the days of prescription pills to aid and enhance one’s sexual performance abilities, the number of porn studs in the Industry was much smaller than at present, and viewers had to endure seeing the same core group of us guys over and over. The reason why we were qualified as career porn studs was our “functionality”, something that still applies today; candidly, even some new guys presently masking their use of pharmaceutical assistance still seem to sometimes get “stage fright” and some seem to have difficulty doing a timely “money shot”. I’ll discuss the functionality matter a little later.

The problem here is for me to be candid without hurting anyone’s feelings; there’s no easy way to tell guys that the chance of them getting even a “try-out” or an audition is remote (actually, there no longer is such a thing as an “audition”, let alone getting one with a new applicant’s favorite porn starlet!). The present lack of “want ads” for new studs has little to do with new aspirants, but rather results from the informal system that’s evolved over time based mostly upon past experiences of disappointed Directors who let themselves be talked into using some previous new guys who touted themselves as true studs (which they well might have been in their private life, but unfortunately were not when they got in front of cameras on a set with people watching—new guys with performance difficulties are nightmares for Directors, crews, and everyone involved with the shoot, including the starlet scheduled to have sex on film with the aspirant). Probably, the new guy who wants to get into performing undoubtedly is a true stud with the ladies or his significant other, and/or in a group situation like a swinger’s party, but merely deciding to become a porn star does not get him even considered anymore. The present lack of enthusiasm for giving new guys a shot at a career as a porn stud was informally established when similar men in the past were strongly recommended by someone (perhaps even by someone in the Industry, or by a starlet or female with first-hand knowledge), only to have “performance anxiety” and freeze up in front of the cameras, lights, and sometimes his inpatient co-star as well as the crew/director/producer, other actors and actresses, make-up persons, on-lookers, catering people, magazine photographers, location owners and their “gawking” friends/neighbors/relatives, company owners and staff, Industry media, online gossip or news columnists, etc. A new guy who loses his “functionality” causes loss of production time and filming momentum, and possibly additional expenses in overtime charges for the location, rental equipment, and crew. Resultantly, Directors and Producers usually will not accept new guys, no matter who recommends them or how impressive the new guy or his girlfriend says his penile “credentials” and sexual performance abilities are. It’s been my experience, and that of many insiders, that new guys are absolutely certain and insistent that they can adequately perform in a functionary manner, but most still fail no matter how much confidence they exhibit, sometimes in spite of the prescription pills they might have privately ingested.

The key for a new guy is all centered around functionality, namely: getting an erection quickly; not climaxing too soon; and, indeed being able to do a money shot somewhat soon after the Director calls for it. Sometimes, new guys taking prescription medications intended to help them with their sexual performance have difficulty getting the money shot to happen quickly enough. Since “FUNCTIONALITY” is the name of the game for guys, let me reiterate that penis size, looks, muscles, and acting ability mean almost nothing for a guy. What DOES matter is the guy’s ability to get an almost instant erection in front of people on a set, to maintain functionality for the period of the shoot including being able to get “wood” erected quickly after the many stop-n-go interruptions during the shoot, to control the erection so as to not cum before the Director gives the OK, and, upon being directed to climax, the guy should do it relatively quickly without wasting the time of the starlet or the production folks.

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