the questions are still comin strong, guys, lookin great. Don’t know if I made it clear before, but they won’t be answered until I put them up on my website, and that won’t be ready for a little while. I really appreciate the time you have put into writing to me, and also trusting me with your personal situations, I will, as promised do the best I can to help. In order to view your questions and my answers, you will have to be a member of my site, clubkaylanilei.com. I will be sending the 8×10’s in the next few weeks, as I have to get a stack of them and go over everyone’s addresses, so as you understand this is a project, so it’s not like they will be sent out overnight. Aside from your personal questions for my website, some of you are asking me if I will be attending Erotica LA. Unfortunately I won’t be, as I have not stepped back into the industry. And for those of you who don’t know this, here’s a recap: I was in the adult industry for about 3 years, until about a year ago I quit and moved out of the country for a year. I was there to pursue (spelling?) a relationship with my then boyfriend. However, when things just didn’t work out, (and don’t ask me what happened if I feel like it I’ll tell you) I moved back to LA. Now I am currently back and single and loving life! Some upcoming projects include alot of softcore HBO/Playboy shoots and movies. I am also actively involved in my website, which I have not yet launched, and when it does go up, you all will be the very first to know about it. So that explains why some of you may have missed me at the last few conventions this year. I may or may not be at this years’ AVN awards. That all depends on whether I decide to step back into the industry. If I do, I will go right back to Wicked Pictures and resume my contract from where I left off. I am not sure when I will be back to Hawaii. I guess that will depend on when I go back to feature dancing as well. And I am feeling alot of love from you all in Hawaii. Thank you I luv u xoxo! And, no, do NOT send me naked pics of you or your penis, I don’t give a fuck if you are drunk or whatever. I WILL post them up for evreyone to see and then block you out from ever contacting me. You ‘special’ people who have puled this shit know who you are! haha. Other than that, keep those questions comin. I am lovin it, and truly appreciate you guys, how did I get so lucky having such an awesome following and great friends like you? Take care. xoxo Kaylani Lei

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