Fayner Posts: It seems that Nadia Styles has followed Jenna Presley’s lead and left her contract with Shy Love and her Vicious Media company. That would be the something old.

Something new for Nadia is her recent decision to enhance her breast size, as well as fix what she believes was an unattractive nose.

I for one, although behind Nadia 100% in her decisions, am/was of the opinion that she was perfect the way she was. But it isn’t my choice, it’s hers. Women do what they want when it comes to beauty, so who am I to argue. I’ve known Nadia for many years, before she got into the skin game, and have always found her look original and super sexy. I’m sure she’ll come out of this even hotter, basically giving me even less of a chance to ever share a sleazy moment with her again.

But as long as she is happy, I’ll survive just having her as a friend. And as a friend I expect a hearty squeeze on her new melons when they’re ready to be enjoyed by all.

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