BATES CITY, Mo. – A Missouri couple was arrested May 25 for allegedly making a “snuff film” in which they videotaped a woman being raped and murdered.

Richard Davis 41, and Dena Riley, 39, turned themselves in, claiming they were tired of evading capture over the rape and murder of 41-year-old Marsha Spicer, who shared a home with them. The couple had a 5-year-old girl with them, whom police suspect was kidnapped from her home in Pittsburg, Kan.

Authorities said a videotape stamped May 14, shows a nude Spicer with her arms bound and her eyes taped shut while the man and woman raped, beat then suffocated her. The tape is said to show the suspects clearly.

Spicer’s body was found in a shallow grave on May 15 by a fisherman. Evidence recovered later, led police to the couple’s home where they found a notebook containing sexual references and a video camera aimed at the bed.

Davis and Riley told police they didn’t know the victim and that she had never been to their apartment. After police returned with a search warrant, they discovered the couple had fled.

Davis and Riley were charged with first-degree murder, assault, kidnapping and related charges.

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