LOS ANGELES – A new online sex community allowing men and women to interact and have simulated sex has been launched., which uses animated, three-dimensional characters who meet, interact and have sex, is online today, aiming for the 21- to 49-year-old female demographic, said President Ray Schwartz.


“We are excited to be offering the Internet’s most unique social experience to adults who are open minded and interested in exploring their sexuality,” he said.


“Women and men can live out any of their fantasies in an empowering and safe environment. Exploring through their avatar characters, users can have fun dancing to live music, viewing some of the world’s most erotic art, or watching a sexy show.”


For the $20 membership fee, players can join the community, browse for sex toys, lingerie and other products or even tryout new outfits for their characters as well as view thousands of hardcore videos as well as participate in virtual sex with other players.


“If someone’s imagination can conceive it, it can be fulfilled in our unprecedented sexual universe,” Schwartz added.


The cyber community also offers community events like parties, classes, art-gallery openings, meeting rooms and other locations where players can gather and interact.


Players also may put on their own events where they can attract other players. These events include multimedia broadcasts of the users’ podcasts, films, book readings, band performances and other activities.


Chantal Jongeleen-Heijnen, a community protector who goes by the name Dutch Angel in the virtual game, said the community is ideal for women.


“(The community) is for open-minded women who don’t always want to hassle with everything from putting themselves together to fighting traffic, going out to meet men, is a must. It’s a liberating and exhilarating space.”

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