When I got home from work today – there was a letter in my mailbox from the "STATES ATTORNEY’S" OFFICE". I was so worried when I openned the envelope – I was sure I was being sued when I saw the name of the girl the police arrested at the top of the letter.

It turns out she WAS prosecuted by the state and I have been summonded to appear in court to file damages, loss of property, theft, lost wages and everything against her.

Her address was listed in the letter and it turns out the bitch lived down the street from me!

Anyway – I intented to show up in court with the video – a dvd player, and a stack of receipts and everything showing what was stolen!!! Also, if convicted and charged – she is looking at jail time for FEDERAL charges for mail / package theft by the US post office and Fed Ex. Plus my 14 neighbors they ripped off are going to have the opportunity to press charges as well!!!

I was so thrilled I was "dancing in the street!!!"

Horray for the victim!!! And fuck the scum bag criminals!!

-Nic "Dancin’ in the street" Andrews

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