Fayner Posts: I invited everyone to my birthday party at the Rainbow this Friday; some through the phone, some by email and some in person. I even invited Kobe Bryant.

I thought it would be nice to invite Jenna Jameson. She’s sweet and beautiful. I also knew she wouldn’t come, but I posted an invite on this site yesterday nonetheless.

Today Tony Testa calls me and says Jenna wanted my invitatation taken down off the site.

Are you kidding me?

I’m still somewhat angered by her rudeness so instead of being cruel for the sake of it I’m not gonna say anything at all about it other than what I already have.

I mean, all I did was invite the woman to my birthday party? Am I that evil and unwanted? Here I was thinking I’ve become a better person over the last few years.

Back to therapy I guess…

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