Fayner Posts: Tory owes me a blowjob for my birthday as long as I get a current test from AIM. I just thought you should know that.

I was asked to call Tory and egg her on about some things. So I did.

I notice right away she talks very fast and loud. My kind of whore.


Fayner I just wanted to call and get your side before I write about how badly Jasmine Byrne beat you up. Is that okay?

Lane Where did you hear that shit from!?? That’s total bullshit! She attacked me. I defended myself. Too bad for her I kicked her fucking ass.

Fayner Well, everyone else thinks otherwise, and I tend to believe Jasmine’s side if things strictly on the basis of some information I recently heard about you attacking some police officers down in Miami and getting your ass whipped.

Lane What the fuck? Where did you hear this?

Fayner Everyone is talking about it.

Lane Porn Gossip is such shit! Fuck!

Fayner So you’re saying  I’m shit?

Lane Pretty much, yeah!

Fayner I’m only shit because the whores that I write about are shit. So there! You know, I find it interesting how you’re trying not to talk about this Miami thing…

Lane Get you fucking facts straight, will you? First off, it wasn’t Miami. We were in Ft. Lauderdale.

Fayner I’m sorry to hear that.

Lane Yeah, right? Anyway, we were bowling and we got into a bad accident.

Fayner You were rolling?

Lane Bowling!

Fayner Rolling?

Lane Bowling!!!! I don’t do ecstacy! I don’t do any drugs!

Fayner This story keeps getting worse and worse.

Lane Will you just shut the fuck up and listen? So we get in this bad accident and the cops come and I got a little pissed off and do some yelling. That’s it. And from this you get I attacked some cops in Miami?

Fayner Porn Gossip is such shit! Fuck!

Lane Damn right!

Fayner By the way, I was told to call you up and give you shit about Jasmine and the cop thing.

Lane You suck.

Fayner So do you, and you owe me one for my birthday.

Lane No.

Fayner Yes.

Lane No.

Fayner Yes.

Lane Okay.

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