X: How did the project evolve with Verotik, Danzig and you making a movie?C: I had met Glenn at a concert 5 or 6 years ago and we stayed friends the entire time. He had seen some of my work that I shot for Peter (North) and one day asked me if I would be interested in shooting. It was exciting because I was always a Danzig fan.

X: Isn’t it a taboo to have blood in a X-rated movie?
C: I kinda thought so, and I said can we really put this out? And Glenn is like “Fuck it, if we can’t, we’ll sell it on the website.” I know there has been blood like vampires and stuff.

X: Did you have any problems with the necrophilia?
C: The way we pulled that off in the first scene is that she is supposedly dead but she comes to life. So it portrays the entire scene that she is dead, but she’s a Zombie.

X: I think Brittney did a great job in this movie. I think she is underrated as an actress because I think she is really, really good.
C: I think she is really good in it. I haven’t seen a lot of her stuff.

X: She did play a dead person so well. I really wanted to ask her about that. Maybe she practiced? But she never called me back to do an interview, bad, bad Zombie Brittney. How many cuts did you have to do when she had to itch or breathe or something?
C: There were a few. I remember half way through she started moaning because she was liking it. And I said what are you doing? Your dead! She’s like “Fuck I wanna cum, I’m so close.” So I said we are going to take five minutes, you fuck her and make her cum and then we will go back to shooting my movie. So they fucked her a little bit, made her cum and then I was like now let’s go, shut up, be dead, ACTION!

X: That’s hysterical! Why did you pick Brittney to play Grub Girl?
C: Out of the entire business she was the one who best fit the image in the comic book, as far as body shape, big tits, and height. Glenn went through almost every single movie, AVN (mag), website to pick the girl that looked the most like the grub girl. So Glenn actually picked her. And she did a great job.

X: What was the funniest thing that happened while filming?
C: Would have to be with Buster Good. I called him up and said we are shooting a movie with Glenn and we need a blowjob. So he shows up and I tell him he is getting his dick bit off and he’s like huh? So they put this fake dick over him and then they put this stomach thing on him, this layered latex thing and then they fill it with guts and chicken livers and pig intestines and everything. I remember them stuffing it.

X: Uck. I’m gagging.
C: It had to look authentic. So some of this is dropping out and he looks at me and says what is all this stuff, and I told him and he starts turning blue and shaking and says “WHAT? I thought I came here for a blow job.” I said “Well you are getting your dick sucked a little bit, don’t worry.”

X: Yeah, for a little bit, he didn’t get to come or anything.
C: yeah, you don’t get to cum and we are going to strap chicken guts to you. We ruined his pants but he was a good sport. That was probably the funniest thing.

X: Brittney was putting it in her mouth. Oh my God, it was raw meat?
C: She bit right into the raw chicken liver. She really got into it. Way beyond the call of duty on that one.

X: So she was putting those raw chicken livers in her mouth?
C: And ripping them, yep. That was all real stuff, raw hamburger, and fake blood.

X:Ugh. You know she will eat anything.
C: She said it was one of the coolest movies she’s ever shot.



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