Dude…you’ve been killing me with the hillarious writing for some time bro. NY Jew (1/2) on this end Drop a line ANYTIME you want to come up to SF for a visit to "see how we do" up here man. Bolivian marching powder provided free of charge, of course. Btw…"What’s Hard?" OLD…"What’s WACK?"…new Lukeford..minus Fayner…keep up the good work bro and hope to hang some day and talk smack about all the dirties….

Generate AI Porn

Fayner Says: Glad I could provide free humor to a half-Jew for so long. Fucking cheap (half) Jews and their need to get everything for free! But I can hardly feel a connection to a so-called Jew who only has one Jewish parent. I just don’t buy into that thinking. You’re either 100% or nothing if you ask me.

And people like TheRealLukeFord or Shy Love who were born outside of the religion and then studied to become Tribesmen over time aren’t Jewish either in my eyes. It’s like a white guy somehow becoming black and thinking he’s all of a sudden a "nigga." There’s more to Judaism than shopping for bargains and cutting in line at the bank; years of hatred, torment and swastika-covered high school lockers must be firmly planted in the brain and heart to become a member in my tribe.

And although TheRealLukeFord to some may be viewed as a better Jew than I am because he goes to Temple and refrains from boatloads of drugs, I can’t, won’t and will never see a man with anything less then 100% Heeb blood as my Jewish brother. It’s like joining a team in the 9th inning when they’re up by 9 runs and the other team has no gloves.

I’d love to come up to San Fran and "see how (you) do" it up there as long as it doesn’t involve you drugging me and then having your way with me sexually. Nothing against you here, I just have a fear of men from San Fran who want to hang out with my beautiful self.

End transmission.

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