Taylor Rain writes…. Jenna Haze and I are from the OC, so .. SAY SOMETHIN!!!

Your article about Jenna Haze had no point and seemed like a personal attack on her [Gustavo Arellano’s “
Local Girl Gone Gonzo,” Feb. 10]. Why would you publish her real last name? I have personally known Jenna for a little over a year. She’s a very kind and intelligent person. She may not be perfect, but apparently she is a better person than you. Next time you want to write an article, make sure it has a point.

Jon E.
Via e-mail

I just read an article that you wrote on Jenna Haze. What was the point of it? Did it tell us anything other than that yet another person who lives in Orange County is a porn star? What was the purpose of publishing her real name? Are you proud of yourself now? You are a very sad LITTLE person.

Anthony M.
Via e-mail

Editor responds: The point? Um, I don’t know, maybe that it was our SEX Issue. Our SEX Issue being the issue in which we deal a lot with subjects and people involved in SEX. See, if it had been our MUSIC Issue, we would have had a lot of stuff about MUSIC, you know, musicians and record-store owners and others involved in MUSIC. But this was our SEX Issue, and so we featured a lot of people involved in SEX like sex surrogates, sex therapists, sex-shop managers and, yes, porn stars. See how that works? As to your outrage about our using Jen’s real name, do me a favor. Go ahead and Google “Jenna Haze.” I’ll wait . . . okay, go ahead and click on that third entry from Wikipedia. Great. Now what does that first line say? “Jenna Haze (born Jennifer Corrales on Feb. 22, 1982 in Fullerton, California, USA).” This is not some big secret. In fact, Jenna’s own people didn’t have a problem with it. Her agent even e-mailed us after the story ran and requested additional copies.

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