Taylor Rain Writes In Her Journal on

Yesterday went for a day trip to big bear to go snowboarding with a friend!!!! We first smoke bowls!!! Got suited up because it was such a windy day! Then we got our half tickets with vouchers and as young adults!!!! Both were illegal!!! Fuck it we are fuckin rockstars!!!!

So we get to the lift, trap in, and get on a lift chair!! I tell my friend lets take an easy run to warm up. He says “ok dawg! Lets do this!!!”

Strap in your other boot and fuckin ride!!!!! 300 feet later we were on an advance run!! Take two jumps! Didnt want to but there was someone in the way on the flat side!!! Let me remind you if you forgot!! It was our first run and i took two jumps!!! I was not ready for that at all!!!!

So i landed wrong, twisted my knee. Heard it crack as i was landing and then ate shit!!!! Fuck it!!!! 5 minutes later i was brought down the mountain in a  sled!!! That is so fuckin whack!!!!

So now today im hating life and wish i wasnt such a rockstar!!!!! Today im in so so so much pain! Do i reget going off those jumps??? Fuck no!!! But i am being waited on and i cant drive cuz its my right knee!!! Rockstar for life!!!

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