We here at Lukeford first got wind of Noel Bloom packing up his things into a box yesterday around 2PM. Seems Kenny Guarino was walking around the building at that Noel had packed up his things. We didn’t want to post it first, because we don’t want to be perceived as a “bash Metro all the time” site because honestly we’re not, AVN put it up first.

Kenny G and Rick Pourass were in a meeting and unavailable.

So, we called Metro and here was the conversation

Operator: Good afternoon Metro
LF: Hi, Noel Bloom Please
Operator: Um, could I direct you to someone else?
LF: Yes, Head of Production Please
Operator: Um, anyone else?
LF: Ok, Vice President of Operations
Operator: Nope, try again?
LF: Gee, how about Director of Sales/Sales Manager
Operator: Nope
Operator: How about a Warehouse Manager?
LF: Is there anyone there in charge of the operation?
Operator: Can I place you on hold and get back you?
LF: Surely
*** places LF on hold and we hear soothing elevator music***
Operator: Hi, thanks for holding, would you like Rick Pourass?
LF: Is he in charge of Metro? Is he qualified to speak to us relating to the day to day business of Metro Studios?
Operator: Not sure about all that, but he has previous management experience as a Quick Lube executive!
LF: Yes, please put us through
*** long pause as the extension rings, finally a voice recording***
Recording: You’ve reached the voice mailbox belonging to Alves, Wilson, Persky, O’Connor Chavarria and Bloo
m, no one is available to take your call, actually no one will ever be able to take your call, please leave a message and no one will get back to you.
LF: Wow, Metro is now a lawfirm, sounds imposing!!!!!!!!!
*** End of Call***

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