Went to the LAUREL CANYON dog park and had lunch with some old friends today in west hollywood. I was having a wonderful afternoon. Around 2:00 i was panicing because i knew i had to go to the stupid fuckin retarded denist today at 3:00.

I was so high before i left to go to the denist that i forgot to take some xanax before i left. So then i was panicing on the way there BIG TIME. They dont put you under or give you laughing gas for a root canal. They just give u novacaine! thats whack! defintlely not hard!

I was being a good girl in my eyes. The doctor was so pissed off at me! The assistant is my friend and was the one that is in charge of controlling me! Thats a really hard job. Ask nate hall a.ka. Winston Burbank. I KNOW IM A BABY WHEN IT COMES TO THE DENISTS BUT I CAN GET A TATTOO IN MY LOWER LIP! AND THATS HARD!

Anyways you can say i had a bad fuckin day and the pills are kickin in so PEACE OUT!


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