Fayner Posts: Got a bunch of urgent phone calls yesterday from Dick Delaware. Thinking I had done something wrong in Vegas and was now gonna be pummeled for it, I did my best to avoid the calls.

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Finally I picked it up. I am, remember, untouchable.

This is what went down.

Dick, you may remember, likes smelling Latin chick ass, the stinkier the better he says.

So he was walking through the convention floor in Vegas and ran into someone from Anabolic. Dick then saw Nautica and expressed to him how much he wanted to meet her and get a good whiff of her asshole. Finding out his friend knows Nautica quite well, Dick was introduced.

“He wants to sniff your ass,” he told Nautica about Dick, who stood there panting like a dog in need of a bowl of water.

Without hesitation, Nautica dug her fingers deep into her ass and pulled out a finger soaked in butt juice.

She wiped it across Dick’s lips and nose.

“I was instantly hard,so turned on I could barely contain myself,” Dick tells me. “I ran off to the bathroom and in front of like 20 dudes I pulled out my aching cock and blew a huge load into the sink!”

Dick wants to thank Nautica for her generosity.

Fayner believes Dick Delaware needs help with this Latin ass-sniffing fetish he has, but is too scared to tell him. Might as well just leave well-enough alone.


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