Fayner Posts: I was not in fact banned from the AVN Awards. To make a long story short, I was told by someone that Mike Ramone told her I was banned from the show.

Instantly I went to Mike and told him that was fucked up.

“What he said?”

I told him what she had just told me.

“Complete bullshit. We’ve always gotten along. I told her I couldn’t give you a ticket ’cause the only remaining ones are for nominees and hot chicks.

Instantly I believed him and apologized. I felt like a dick. I hope he believed it.

I found out later the girl had lied to me and plan to find out why right away

So this is here to again say sorry to Mike for accusing him.

And to say that when I ran into Paul he seemed sincere in his promise to work some magic for me. Unfortunately for me Paul most likely was trying to get many people in and had no time. I thank him for even stopping on the convention floor for a chat with me, who is probabaly now considered the worst person to be seen with in Vegas, and doing so pretty much labels you the pinned out waste product trouble on the horizon ready to OD freak I have been unjustly labeled. Later we’ll get into that as well ’cause I got some things to say about supposed friends who feel they should keep their distance from me while in public in fear of association.

And as Paul told me, I should have made arrangments for a press pass months before when they sent them out.

Not to say I didn’t have a ticket through another company, but it was revealed hours before that someone had given all the reserved ones to other people.

Again, sorry to Mike and AVN for this.

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