Fayner Posts: A homemade recipe for narcotic bouillabaisse that trades endless bliss for total memory dysfunction remains the one and only situation for me to begin the week in Vegas. The only side effect is that it stays in the system until the lights of Vegas are far in the distance through the rear view miror.

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Anyway, although all details are lost, here’s the rough idea of my first encounter with Ashley since our war moments after getting to the hotel bar.

Smiles from us both. Hugs as well. Cheeks were touched by lips.

Because of my recent plea to end the battle, and our agreement that we both were to blame, just like that we found ourselves returning to our former selves as if none of this had happened.

Proof came when, just as expected, Ashley relished in her victory of “Fat Cheeseburger Award” given by this site. The girl I grew to love who can talk shit and take it equally was back.

Standing close was JM’s Jeff and Sandy finding delight in our declaration of peace. I’m excited to be friends with Ashley again.

And for the record, Ash looked fucking great.

And in related news, word is that Ash’s ormer boyfriend Trent Tesoro has once again returned to Texas and plans to finally perminantly quit the biz.

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