Fayner Posts: My mother’s store carries a computer bag called Dropkick Your Laptop (www.bags withatwit.com) that boasts ” Protective- Made of Feathersuede™ an Ultralight, Super Strong, Washable Synthetic” and “-Durable- 1 laptop dropped 49 times, without a scratch”
. We were still partying in Testa’s room where I was also staying late night after our V Bar mayhem on Sat night, and Robbye Bently came by with a friend. Her friend became worried about my many threats to put my laptop in the computer bag and beat the fuck out of it for fun.

He wanted to know why I would do that, and how I felt so comfortable with an answer like “why not?” My threats continued, his concern as well. Finally it was time. Anyone who knows Robbye or Dez or Chad will attest to the beatdown I gave it.

It still worked.

Later I did it some more, and then again for Stephany from Hot Wax Cosmetics before I left.

I had met Stephany and model Jelena Jensen in Nadia Styles’ room and am confident that both of them are awesome and plan on hanging out with them alot back in LA if they’ll let me.

Anyway,I must have dropped the computer bag more than 49 times ’cause I’m now home and it is officially broken.

But just as I told Robbye’s friend, I didn’t care if it broke and only did it to prove a point that ideas are best when carried out and that life would in fact continue if I smashed it.

True to my word, when it was revealed that it was cooked, I laughed, punched it a bunch then plugged in the brand new laptop a fan sent to me some months back.

Now, I’m working on finding out if it was busted from the multi-blows I gave it or it just committed suicide from boredom and gay tendencies after having to be used to visted myspace.com

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