Missy Monroe looked great at the show, beautiful dress!
Tommy Gunn and Rita looked stunning
– The 9 restaurant at the Palm has the best hamburger in the world.
– Good to see the legend, Tom Byron
Mary Carey, what a mess! But then I saw her this morning at the Mirage Valet, no makeup and pigtails…. she looked really cute!!
– Only 10% of the people knew Vanity was a guy.
– Read on AVN that Metro lawyer Les Rich painted a picture that Gauge hates and distrusts her former webmaster Keith O’Connor. I bet the guy wasn’t at AVN, because I must have seen Gauge and O’Connor together on at least 10 differet occasions walking the floor together or hanging out at each others booth.
Sammi Rhodes is so classy looking
Cindy Crawford is hot looking and a great person/friend!!
Roxy Jezel gave the sweetest praise to Fran from LA Direct!
Lisa Ann is as beautiful as ever!
Sky Blue is all class
– Eventhough she stopped performing over 18 months ago, Gauge is still one of the most popular girls in the business
Tiffany Taylor is just hot!!!!!
Tory Lane just keeps looking better.

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I guess there are some things I just don’t understand about the AVN awards. For years people have questioned the validity of the awards, the bias, etc. And this year there are many things that brought that very question to light again. McKenzie Lee is beautiful girl, I mean she turns heads, but outside of being a Club Jenna girl, no one knows her or her work. Ask someone to name some of her scenes, they can’t really, or they’d be hardpressed. Say the name Tory Lane, Jeneveve Jolie or Sativa Rose…. no hesititation, everyone knows them and can list a ton of performances of those girls off the top of their heads. Should this award been named, “The Prettiest Girl to Sign With a Big Name production Company Award”? It was best newcummer, but isn’t it fitting less than half the people KNEW who McKenzie was.

Best Picture??? Now I know no one affiliated with this site is a Metro Studios fan, but what’s right is right… Prisoner by far was the best movie of the year. It had story, plot, dialogue and the most intense sex you could get out of a feature. All that was missing was a million dollar budget, a hundred grand in advertising, and great CGI skeletons runnin around. But I thought the awards was based on the movie, not the advertising or budget, my 2 cents. If not best picture, then Dcypher for best director. Again, look at the movie, not the budget or advertising or PR, the movie itself!!!

Best New Company? Ok, be honest, how many of you really knew who Swank Digital was? Well, they’re distributed by PURE PLAY and PP is a BIG advertisert in AVN, huge!!! Is that the criteria for a victory? Name 5 of their titles? Name 2 of their directors? Now, if American Hardcore, Damaged, 3rd Degree, Defiance or Vertigo had won, that would have been a respectable choice, any one of them. But a company no one knows!!! Just looks shady!

Tera Patrick and Evan ran a great booth and had great girls!! Kianna, who signed for Tera Vision, looked as beautiful as ever!! Nick Manning looked in good shape, well tanned and relaxed as ever at the Sky Blue booth. DID I mention Tiffany Taylor is a knockout!!

– I was surprised to see how good Tiffany Holiday looked!!! She looked great!
Shy Love and her husband Erik made some great headway in sales for their new production company, I got a look at their product and it REALLY IS GOOD…
visit their site!!
Roxy Jezel is sexy as well as classy!!!
Julia Ann is one elegant looking lady!!!

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