Damn – I just discovered pics of you on the web and she brings back some serious memories. My wife and I rented a room to a friend who was also a stripper (put herself thorough college without a single loan doing it!). She could be your twin – including your appetite as shown in your pics
and vids!

Turns out that YEARS later, after she and I had been flirting with each other for so long my nuts were bluer than the Hope diamond, that she and her boyfriend stopped by. We all wound up in the hot tub and my wife asks, "So,, Julie – How was he?" while pointing at me.

Julie: "We never did anything – he didn’t want to cheat on you. I Tried my best but he just wouldn’t!"

Me: "Excuse me, I’m not invisible.. I’m right here you know."

Julie’s boyfriend: "Uh… Hello? Boyfriend over here."

My Wife: "Well I gave you permission! What the heck was the problem?"

Me: "Still not fucking gone. Right here!!!"

Julie: "I know you did. I don’t understand either."

Her boyfriend: "They’re ignoring us. Maybe if we were floating face down they might notice."

My wife: "How come you didn’t do anything? I know you’re not gay and Julie would do things I wouldn’t. What was the problem – I told her it was ok.’

Me: "Yeah, but you never said anything to ME!!!"

Yup… and every time I see Julie we both sigh and say "Damn…. talk about miscommunication."

And Taylor, every time I look at your face, I can’t help but smile – At least through your pics and vids I can live vicariously what might have happened!

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