Taylor Mutha Fuckin’ Sexy Babe Rain,

I just wanted to write because I love how you present yourself.  You’re so down to earth and stray from the shitty LAttitude.  Way to keep it real.  I keep myself holed up in the ‘bu for the same reason (no pun intended – holed.)

Anyway, if you’re ever on this side of the hill, maybe I’ll catch you grabbin a starbucks or getting some kush.

Oh, funny thing, and you may hear this from other people, but my friend looks EXACTLY like you.  Her hairstyle is different, it’s dark and long, but with a bob.  Anyway, her body and face looks almost fucking identical.  It’s really damn amazing.  Too bad we’re too good of ‘friends’ to do anything.  I could pretend she’s you.  Sometimes I still do, even if we’re just talking (kidding…kind of.)  She’s a beautiful girl, and so are you.  I hope you run into her someday, I guarantee you’ll say, "HOLY SHIT" out loud.  I"d include a pic of her, but that’s a bit too much of a privacy invasion.

Question – in your personal life, and sorry to ask a personal question, do you like receiving oral?  (TMFR RESPONSE – Of Course, Only a weirdo wouldn’t like oral!!) I know that watching that on video probably doesn’t sell much, but most women I’ve known, be it friends or girlfriends, LOVES that shit.  Especially if it’s done well by someone like, um, me ; )  Just curious.  I don’t know much about adult starlets or what they’re like outside of movies.  Actually, I don’t even own any movies, but when I do, I promise it’ll be one of yours (if you stay nice.)

Thanks.  Hope school goes well for you.  If you need any artistic assistance, let me know, I’m a creative mother fucker.  Live on: hip hop, punk, bud and sex…lots ‘o sex.


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