TAYLOR wow I hope this is really you reading this. What can I say? I keep coming across the same videos of youand it never fails.. I turn into a sex crazed maniac every time, and I’m being serious!  If you ever do a scene with alaura eden and 5 men I will go crazy.

So I have some questions.. I’m going to apologize in advance for asking so many but my goodness I never was expecting the day that I could email taylor fucking Rain.

First off what do your parents think of your work?

I know it’s common question, but for some reason I’m really interested in how they’ve reacted to your work.

Have they seen any of your videos?

Are they sex maniacs like yourself?

Hell are you really a sex maniac? 

I bet you’ve at least had one week where you didn’t have sex, am I right?!?

Have you recieved any offers to do any dramatic movies?

Do you plan on becoming a more conventional actor or do you want to stay where you are at?

If I ever make my movie and become something of a bigshot I’ll write a part in for you, ok?

I’m really making a movie by the way!

So ok a couple more questions– how many virgin guys have you done in your lifetime? 

ok i’m a little drunk so i’m going to stop now. If I ever get some sort of national recognition for something aewsome I want us to have a hot sordid love affair ok? Deal?


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