Yo Taylor!

Greetings from Canada.  I’m sitting here in Vancouver smokin’ some righteous BC Bud and diggin’ those totally whack pix of Vanessa Lane.  Fuckin’ A right!  She looks like a real cock biter.  Ouch!

Nantucket sounds nice but you gotta drag Fayner Dawg up here for some real R&R – Canuck style.  Hockey’s back on October 5th.  Do you follow the game?  Ducks or Kings – who’s your team?  Fayner must be a Bruins fan…..

So, like, later, eh…..


(COMMENTARY FROM TMFR: Don’t thank me for posting the pics of Vanessa Lane, personally I can’t stand her and think she’s gross!! BUT I have to give the fans what they want so there she is, IK)

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