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I have learned first hand that it is VERY important to be selective of your friends. I have many acquaintances, but as of today I have no friends. I met this girl well over a year ago and she just seemed so loyal, she was the ONLY person (other then my sister and my fiance) that I considered a friend. I let her in on so much, I shared some very personal stories with her. I TRUSTED her and I THOUGHT she trusted me too. Our friendship is over because of a pair of sunglasses! I know! CRAZY RIGHT?? This girl slept over at my house and says she left her sunglasses here, well I HONESTLY cant find them. So she accused me of stealing them. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I make way more money then this girl, not only that, I have MORALS and stealing is NOT one of them.

The reason I am so hurt by this is because I put myself in her shoes. If I slept over at her house and I said hey I think I left my glasses there and she said sorry they arent here, the first thing I would have said would have been.. SHIT! Where did I put them? I would NEVER accuse a BEST friend of stealing my glasses.

I guess this proves that when one is dazed and confused from substance abuse they OBVIOUSLY dont know their head from their ass. Unnatural substances can trick your brain into believing EXACTLY what you want it to believe.

I am NOT one to go talk shit about people (notice I have NOT mentioned any names NOR have I called this girl any names) I simply state the facts. With this said.. I get a text from her saying that if I start talking shit, she will kill me! Wow! REAL SMART to send that via text… My uncles a cop… How stupid can one be? And you know what… ANYONE that would threaten to kill you was NEVER a friend to begin with. So I am GLAD to have her out of my life.

xoxo Jenna Presley

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