What’s Gemma Massey up to in 2014?

We know that UK porn star Gemma Massey got engaged on New Year’s eve but what has she been up to lately? Looking hotter than ever! While she is no longer making adult movies now that Bluebird Films had to release all of their contract girls due to lack of money, she is still modeling with other companies, mostly mainstream stuff. Here are three different pictures of her taken during January.

Gemma Massey from January 2014 with Jemma Lucy

Gemma Massey from January 2014

Gemma Massey from January 2014

Gemma Massey Retired … Sort Of

Gemma Massey was probably one of the highest paid contract girls in the entire adult industry (or so the rumor goes).  Beyond her base pay, her contract reportedly allowed for things like plastic surgery, a house, a car, and a monthly allowance for very expensive hair extensions.  This of course did not include bonuses like trips around the world and regular gifts of things like designer purses and Christian Louboutin shoes that can easily cost a few thousand bucks.

But all of that seems to be gone by the wayside as Gemma Massey recently tweeted the news that she is no longer under contract with Bluebird Films and will no longer be doing porn scenes either.  She changed her twitter profile to read ex-porn star.  This all seems to have just taken place since as soon as May 21st (just last week) she was at the Bluebird Films studio doing work.

But apparently it is not the last time we’ll be seeing or hearing from Gemma Massey.  While she may no longer be doing sex scenes she is going to be taking some shifts over at Elite TV.   Elite TV is a company out of the UK that former porn star Nikki Jayne has been working for.   This company shows you a girl on your TV screen (or computer screen in the case of those not in the UK) and you can call in and have a naughty chat with the girl on your screen.  Unlike traditional phone sex, this method allows you to actually see the girls you are chatting with, with your own eyes so there is no wondering if the hot girl on the other end is really freak of nature.  Gemma Massey will be starting her work with Elite TV as soon as this week.

She has also recently tweeted that she has plans to do web camming soon but no specific information about that was given.  You can follow Gemma Massey on twitter @LadyGemmaMassey


We wish Gemma Massey the best of luck in all of her future endeavors.

Anna Lovato takes a little turn on the “Catwalk”

Anna Lovato Shows Off Her Sexy Catwalk

Sexy Bluebird Films Star Gets Naughty in Latest Feature Release

Real Life Beauty Queen turned Porn Star plays Fashion Mogul

Anna Lovato’s Catwalk is now available on DVD

When it comes to high fashion, Bluebird Films contract star Anna Lovato is no stranger. Despite spending so much of her time au natural the sexy ingenue is equally comfortable in the world of high fashion couture. In fact she knows so much about designer trends her friends tease her she practically speaks Italian!

As the former Miss Bedfordshire I know fashion. I love fashion almost as much as I love fucking,” exclaims the stunning starlet. “That’s why making this movie was so much fun for me. It was like getting to live out my fantasy of being on a reality television design contest shows I love to watch.

In ‘Catwalk’ Anna plays an up and coming fashion designer battling against worthy rivals to win the grad prize of a million dollars. Anna proves she is willing to to whatever it takes to make it happen, not only showcasing her talents as a designer but also showing off her naughtier skills as well. Whether on the catwalk or on her knees she knows she has what it takes to win big! She whips, shapes and fucks her girls into shape to win the prize!

Not only did I have an amazing time making this movie, but I’m pretty sure I had the hottest sex of my entire life,” Lovato says. “I think my fans are going to see that in the movie as well. When you really enjoy the sex it comes through and your fans just know that you are really into it.

With a smoking hot cast that includes Gemma Massey, Krystal Webb, Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, Natasha Marley, Cindy Behr, Paige Ashley, Alyson McKenzie, Charlie Monaco, Chloe Conrad, Crystal Pink, Emma Kate Dawson, Krystal, Nicole Lauren and Tammie Lee, this is one must see movie.

‘Catwalk’ is available now from Bluebird Films. Check out the trailer at http://sxx.bz/ax. Anna Lovato is under exclusive contract with Bluebird Films as a Glambird. For more information on Anna Lovato visit http://www.Glambirds.com. You can also follow Anna on Twitter at http://twitter.com/annaklovato.