#NEWS: Wish TANYA TATE A Happy Birthday March 31st!


British bombshell Tanya Tate is celebrating a birthday at the end of the month! You can make sure she has an XXX-tra special day! Keep reading for all the info!

March 31st is Tanya Tate's birthday! Want to send some positive vibes her way? You can wish Tanya a Happy Birthday via one of her many social media outlets. She's verified on platforms like Instagram (over 1 million followers) and Twitter and can be found on premium sites like Verified Call and Collide. So be sure to connect with Tanya at one of those spots.


You're a dedicated fan and want to do more? Tanya has an Amazon wishlist up - http://bit.ly/TanyaWishlist! Send her something sexy or practical, either way, Tanya appreciates everything people send her

Did you know that Tanya opens the gifts people send her on her daily livestream shows? (Almost) every morning Tanya turns on the camera in her kitchen and livestreams her breakfast on Youtube. Watch her open up your gift and react to it LIVE! Subscribe to her channel - http://bit.ly/TanyaYT.

Mark the date! March 31st is Tanya Tate's birthday! Start planning your presents now!

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#NEWS: Wish CINDY STARFALL Happy Birthday November 28th


Sexy superstar Cindy Starfall is celebrating a birthday next Wednesday & you can get in on the fun!

Popular adult star Cindy Starfall has a birthday coming up! Yes, her special day is November 28th and you can help make her day eXXXtra special! Cindy has a wishlist posted so if you want to brighten her day you can send her a present. What better time to spoil this sexy star than on her birthday. Her wishlist: http://bit.ly/CindyStarfallWL.

Even better, Cindy is going to make a video of her unboxing all of the gifts she receives. She did this before as well and you can watch a video of her opening all the packages fans sent to her on her birthday from a couple of years back right here:

Head over to her wishlist and send a gift to Cindy! Then make sure you are subscribed to her youtube channel to watch her unboxing video!

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#NEWS: Wish JILLIAN JANSON A Happy Birthday May 23rd!

 This coming Wednesday popular pornstar Jillian Janson is having a birthday! What do you think she should do to celebrate it? 

May 23rd, one of the hottest girls in porn, Jillian Janson will be celebrating a birthday! Wednesday is going to be a memorable day for the naughty hottie as Jillian blows out the candles and commemorates the day she was born. Jillian is known for being a horny young woman that enjoy sex, a lot, so what is something she should do to celebrate the day? One cab only imagine what adventures this nymph is going to be getting into! 

Want to make Jillian’s day extra special? You can send Jillian a present to open on her birthday via her Amazon Wishlist. Jillian has a few gifts she’s had her eye on and you can see what will bring a smile to her face by visiting the list here: https://amzn.to/2IxNbMn.

If you do decide to spoil Jillian, be sure to let her know she has a present coming by tweeting her. You can follow her on Twitter (if you don’t already) here: twitter.com/xojillianjanson.

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