Porn and the Oil Spill

Adult Entertainment Studio Pink Visual Lending A Helping Hand in Oil Spill Crisis

Campaign looks to start an industry wide support effort

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Most of the time when the public hears the company name “Pink Visual,” there’s a clever, porn related idea or marketing twist attached to the reference – but not today.

Adult entertainment studio Pink Visual announced this morning that the company has donated $2500 to the Environmental Defense Fund (, and committed to matching individual donations made by its employees. The studio is also giving paid time off to employees who volunteer through the Audubon Action Center ( Employees are also donating time by conducting webinars to help provide technical education to Gulf Coast workers whose careers have come to a complete halt due to the spill.

Pink Visual President Allison Vivas said that her company realizes the gesture is small compared to the damage in the Gulf, which is why the studio is also calling on its peers in the adult industry to step up and offer their own support, adding a page to the company’s central website that lists various options for how the studio’s competitors, business partners, advertisers and fans can help.

“By ourselves, we can only make so much of a difference, but if we can get other members of the adult industry on board, the impact will be much more significant,” Vivas said.

While there are many critics of the adult entertainment industry who might not even welcome this support, Vivas said Pink Visual isn’t concerned about how its actions are perceived by critics, only about the extent to which the company and the adult industry at large can help the people and wildlife of the affected region.

“This isn’t about being pro-porn or anti-porn; it is about being human and having compassion,” Vivas said. “We’re calling on the whole industry to join us in this effort, in part to demonstrate that the adult entertainment industry can be a force for positivity. The majority of this industry is composed of good people, people whose hearts are in the right place, despite what our critics might say about us.”

“The fact is that we’re completely frustrated over this catastrophic failure by the oil industry and we’re offering help and encouraging others to do the same,” Vivas added. “Anybody that has a problem with that can point their fingers and pass judgment. That’s their choice; our choice was to get off the sidelines and do something, anything, to help.”

Vivas said she hopes that this might set an example for other small businesses in other industries to start similar initiatives. For more information about supporting the cause or to sign up to the webinars, please visit

For more information, or to speak with someone from Pink Visual:
Brian Gross, BSG PR, (818) 340-4422. Twitter @bsgpr

Going PINK in Vegas with your iPhone

For those of you not in Vegas right now you just don’t know what you are missing.  Here are some photos from the set of a Pink Visual movie that I got to see in production yesterday.  All I can say was it was fucking hot.  You know they usually sign postcards with “Wish you were here” but I think I’ll sign mine with “you are a dumb ass for not being here!!”.  It’s fucking Vegas man!  Get on the next flight.  You don’t know what you are missing.  By the way I have learned something.  Everyone has a fucking iPhone.  I knew they were hot but god damn that is all I see here.  That being the case why the fuck do we not have more iphone porn?

Pink Visual

Pink Visual

Pink Visual will find you a store

As on line shopping becomes more common place you think it would be more common that websites have a nifty little feature like “find a store near you” on the front page of their website and well most non adult / mainstream retail websites do have just that, but not so much in the adult world. It seems we have a very distinct market of real world shopping vs online shopping and the two majors for each are not one in the same.

In the real world if you want some shit for your computer you go to Best Buy. It doesn’t fucking matter if it’s Best Buy the store down the street or, it’s really one in the same. Same thing goes for office supplies. If you want them you are probably going to head out to your nearest Office Depot store location or perhaps

However when it comes to the world of porn it doesn’t really translate the same. There are those who will buy it in a real store, for those who live in cities who have real stores and then there are those who will only buy their shit on line. The two don’t seem to be all that interchangeable like they are in the real world.

Which probably explains why far to few adult websites have the “find a store” feature however Pink Visual has changed that with the addition to their own website. This new feature allows customers at the site to search for nearby Adult Store locations by entering a zip code. The site then provides the location and contact information for stores prioritized by distance.

“The best thing about this feature is that it helps to drive foot traffic to adult retail stores all over the country,” says Marketing and PR Coordinator Kate Sylvan. “This supports our brick and mortar retailers, our distributors who service those retailers, and the end consumer.”

Customer service is the cornerstone of A visitor to the site can watch free trailers, order DVDs online, join Pink Visual Paysites, watch PV content through Adult VOD programs and now find a store near them that carries the Pink Visual product line. The Find a Store feature also provides the contact information for each store, enabling the customer to call ahead and check the store for availability on a particular title or to place a special order.

“This communication between retailer and consumer is vital,” continues Sylvan. “Having customers tell the retailer what products they want increases both customer satisfaction and store sales. Pink Visual benefits when the customer requests our product which increases our sales as well.”

Sylvan mentions that she has yet to see this type of feature on any competitive websites.

“Even though it seems like a natural feature to have on an adult site, our preliminary research showed that very few adult studios offer this service. This innovative feature further differentiates Pink Visual from our competitors and demonstrates our continued support to our distributors, retailers, and end consumers.”