Pink Visual will find you a store

As on line shopping becomes more common place you think it would be more common that websites have a nifty little feature like “find a store near you” on the front page of their website and well most non adult / mainstream retail websites do have just that, but not so much in the adult world. It seems we have a very distinct market of real world shopping vs online shopping and the two majors for each are not one in the same.

In the real world if you want some shit for your computer you go to Best Buy. It doesn’t fucking matter if it’s Best Buy the store down the street or, it’s really one in the same. Same thing goes for office supplies. If you want them you are probably going to head out to your nearest Office Depot store location or perhaps

However when it comes to the world of porn it doesn’t really translate the same. There are those who will buy it in a real store, for those who live in cities who have real stores and then there are those who will only buy their shit on line. The two don’t seem to be all that interchangeable like they are in the real world.

Which probably explains why far to few adult websites have the “find a store” feature however Pink Visual has changed that with the addition to their own website. This new feature allows customers at the site to search for nearby Adult Store locations by entering a zip code. The site then provides the location and contact information for stores prioritized by distance.

“The best thing about this feature is that it helps to drive foot traffic to adult retail stores all over the country,” says Marketing and PR Coordinator Kate Sylvan. “This supports our brick and mortar retailers, our distributors who service those retailers, and the end consumer.”

Customer service is the cornerstone of A visitor to the site can watch free trailers, order DVDs online, join Pink Visual Paysites, watch PV content through Adult VOD programs and now find a store near them that carries the Pink Visual product line. The Find a Store feature also provides the contact information for each store, enabling the customer to call ahead and check the store for availability on a particular title or to place a special order.

“This communication between retailer and consumer is vital,” continues Sylvan. “Having customers tell the retailer what products they want increases both customer satisfaction and store sales. Pink Visual benefits when the customer requests our product which increases our sales as well.”

Sylvan mentions that she has yet to see this type of feature on any competitive websites.

“Even though it seems like a natural feature to have on an adult site, our preliminary research showed that very few adult studios offer this service. This innovative feature further differentiates Pink Visual from our competitors and demonstrates our continued support to our distributors, retailers, and end consumers.”