Strippers React to the New York Giants First Victory


The NY Giants will be back on the High-Def TVs and big screens at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the popular gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan that features over 100 topless exotic dancers performing daily.

“It was upsetting to watch the Giants lose every week, and that’s why we stopped showing their games,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica. “But now they’ve won their first game and we will put them back on our TVs.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Leanne purred, “I can’t take credit for the Giants first win, but I think the girls and I provided a little extra motivation to the team. Now they can say goodbye to losing and start winning.”

“Eli Manning and the Giants are out of the doghouse,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Vida. “We’ve always loved Eli and we think he has turned things around.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Valerie had a different opinion. “The Giants only won because Minnesota is so so so bad. I’m a Jets fan, and Geno Smith is the man!”

Rick’s Cabaret New York is well known for its beautiful exotic dancers, luxurious setting, gourmet restaurant and warm hospitality. It is the club of choice for an upscale clientele including business professionals, numerous celebrities, and pro athletes from all the major sports.

Are the Rick’s Cabaret Girls Psychic?

Rick’s Cabaret Girls Predict: Giants over the 49er’s and they were right!

The Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls are big fans of the NY Giants. They predict that the Giants are destined for this year’s Super Bowl.

“I knew they would beat the heavily favored Packers and they did,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Brielle (36D-25-35). “I am sure that they will beat the 49ers this weekend and then they are going to the Super Bowl!”

“The Giants have the momentum and Eli Manning is the man–you’ll see,” she cooed.

Several of the football Giants are regulars at Rick’s Cabaret NYC, the famous tri-level midtown Manhattan upscale gentlemen’s club. “The Giants are a lot of fun when they are here at the club,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Karina (32C-23-33). “But I am not allowed to mention anyone’s name. We respect everyone’s privacy.”

Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Beverly (34C-24-34) promised, “The Giants can expect a tremendous welcome home party here at Rick’s after they beat the 49ers.”

Rick’s Cabaret
50 West 33rd Street
New York City


Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls Root for the NY Giants!

Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls Beverly, Thai, and Tiara are all Giants fans.

I love the Giants, and they are going all the way to the Super Bowl,” predicted Rick’s Cabaret Girl Beverly. “Yes, it will be difficult to beat the Packers this week, but they will!

I have met so many of the players here at Rick’s,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Tiara. “They are great guys, and not just because they are good tippers.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Thai explained, “We are not allowed to name names, but I can tell you that the Giants football guys are really nice.”

Eli Manning is my favorite, his buns look so good in that uniform,” she cooed.

50 West 33rd Street
New York City
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Savanna Samson Commercial Rejected by the Superbowl

Various websites are reporting that a commercial Savanna Samson did for Ashley Madison has been rejected by the NFL to be shown during the Super bowl.

Below is a story from the Globe and Mail (see below). There is also a similar story at NFL Grid Iron Grab and the Cleveland SBN Station.

Super Bowl rejects TV ad featuring porn star

The Super Bowl is known for exciting commercials, but an ad for a dating website that helps would-be adulterers cheat on their spouses apparently crosses the line.

The commercial, which features porn star Savanna Samson, was denied play during the 2011 Super Bowl by Fox Broadcasting earlier this week, said Noel Biderman, founder of Canadian dating website Ashley Madison.

“Clearly, having a porn star as the central figure in your commercial isn’t going to help your cause,” Mr. Biderman told The Globe and Mail. He said it’s disappointing that the NFL continues to discriminate against adult-film stars.

It’s not the first Super Bowl rejection the company has faced. In 2009, another Super Bowl ad – which Mr. Biderman described as tamer than their latest – was rejected by NBC.

He said Fox offered no explanation for their rejection beyond saying that the commercial was not acceptable to air. But Mr. Biderman said they’ve aired commercials on Fox before, hundreds of times.

“We tend to be on or off depending on the program, depending on the hour,” Mr. Biderman explained. He said this describes the company’s relationship with most networks, although ABC rejects them outright. The company still has a few more options, however. When they were rejected in 2009, for instance, they still ran the commercial in Houston, Texas with an NBC affiliate station. “There are affiliates, independently owned Fox stations,” Mr. Biderman said, that may be willing to sell them Super Bowl airtime. “It just ends up being a much more costly road.” He said they’re also considering trying to run the ad during the Oscars. For now, the rejected ad can be viewed online – along with an X-rated version.