Yankee Panky at Rick’s in NYC

What’s a Vivid girl to do when she’s not on the set of one of her newest movies?  Get naked with Yankee’s of course!!  Accoring to Time Square Gossip and The Insider, Adult film star and Vivid Girl Savanna Samson had a good time the other night at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City (This was on August 15th).   Our spy – witness said that a couple of New York Yankee players seated in the VIP section sent over a bottle of Champagne for her, and she joined their table to thank them. Wall Street banker types seated by the main stage in the packed gentlemen’s club were also aware of the x-rated star’s presence. They sent over a gaggle of Rick’s girls to do topless table dances for her and the ballplayers, which kept everybody smiling until late, late, late. Which Yankees? Club spokesperson Lonnie Hanover said that the club’s policy is to not comment on their celebrity clientèle.   Rick’s Cabaret is located at 50 West 33 Street in New York, NY.  An enterprising young fan had this to say as about the matter “Not surprised. Why shouldn’t the Yankees enjoy porn stars like the rest of us, and strip clubs, too.”