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“Porn Will Never Get Better Than This” is a must-read review of the AGW Entertainment production - Angela 3.

For Immediate Release July 16th, 2018

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) The work of adult entertainment superstar Angela White (http://angelawhite.com/) is the source of a new article on the New York Post. Michael Blaustein’s “Porn Will Never Get Better Than This” post reviews and notes the unique impact the award-winning video has had. Like other video’s produced by Angela’s AGW Entertainment, Angela 3 explores the boundaries of Angela’s sexuality - providing an exciting sex-charged performance as well as the effects it had on her.

Blaustein’s article praises the risks Angela takes with her performance and the candid nature of her reflections with scene partner, Manuel Ferrara. The article goes further than a simple video review but delves into Angela 3’s effect upon viewers and the movie’s popularity. The high-profile piece is extremely noteworthy in that mainstream media’s coverage of adult entertainment is generally slanted toward the negative and salacious. However, as with virtually everything Angela is involved with, the New York Post column is a game-changer.

“This is amazing,” noted adult entertainment publicist Tanya Tate. “It’s challenging to attain any positive recognition of our industry in the mainstream media. For a widely recognized news source as the New York Post to spotlight Angela is truly a feat. She is a positive force, a strong woman and what the industry needs as its face.”

The New York Post article “Porn Will Never Get Better Than This” can be read here: https://nypost.com/2018/07/13/porn-will-never-get-better-than-this.

Angela is currently in production on new titles set to debut later this year. Recently she won the X-Rated Critics Organization's Award for Female Performer of the Year, bookending her win earlier at the AVN Awards for their version of the award. 

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Rick’s Cabaret Strippers Get Naked for PETA

The New York Post is reporting that Rick’s Cabaret has just inked a deal to feature some of their dancers in an upcoming PETA ad as a part of their “We’d Rather Go Topless Than Wear Fur” ad campaign.  That’s pretty damn impressive considering that usually for these ads that sign only famous people like Jenna Jameson and Pamela Anderson.

Rick’s Cabaret based out of Houston, Texas has clubs all over the nation including New York, New Orleans, California and Las Vegas. Rick’s isn’t really like most titty bars up and down the streets of America.  These guys are into some serious business.   Besides being traded on the stock exchange, Forbes recently listed Rick’s Cabaret as one of the 200 Best Small Companies.

But even more interesting is that rumor has it Rick’s Cabaret is shopping around the idea of entering the world of adult movie making to compete with the likes of Vivid, Digital Playground and Wicked Pictures.  Let us hope they don’t follow in the footsteps of Spearmint Rhino. Although I agree it’s potentially a very good venture for Rick’s, I worry that they will make the same stripper mistake that John Gray did, treating porn STARS and dime a dozen strippers. Forgetting that a good STAR can sell a movie, no matter how bad the movie sucks.  Spearmint Rhino was apparently to stupid to show their stars like Cassidey any real respect and as a result they lost all of their contract girls.

While I was in Houston visiting Kelli and her husband I had the pleasure of going to a Rick’s club just before the hurricane hit.  I think they called it Rick’s NW.  I don’t want to swear to that though.  Kelli has long been a “VIP” member of the club which basically gives her a little card that gives her access to a special VIP area of the club and what I assumed going in the prettiest girls but in reality all the girls there were pretty. There was no real need to separate the VIP girls from the others because they were all top notch.  Now keep in mind I’m a jaded fuck and look at pretty porn stars all day long so my standards are pretty high as far as beauty goes and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

The club was clean, the girls didn’t bring on the normal stripper drama that some of them tend to try and scam the customers with.

Kelli said “This is my favorite Rick’s location.  It’s smaller than most of the other clubs but it’s also more intimate.  I prefer the normal girls here than like the ones at their downtown location.

Apparently the girls at the main Rick’s location in Houston which is where Anna Nicole Smith used to work, are all made up with big tits and well, faked out like Pamela Anderson but fuck, that’s just the way I like them.  Who doesn’t want big double D tittys flopping in their face?  

ORIGINAL NY POST STORY : WHETHER you love or hate People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, you have to admit they keep getting red-hot women to push their cause. Rick’s Cabaret has just inked a deal to have some of its busty dancers featured in PETA’s latest “We’d Rather Go Topless Than Wear Fur” ad campaign. “It’s been narrowed down to 19 models, including one set of twins,” an insider at the West Side jiggle joint told us. “There shouldn’t be a problem finding a civic-minded photographer to donate their services.”