The Irony of this recent HIV scare

A few months ago the industry pretty much flat out ignored the fact that a person known to be HIV+ was having sexual relations with talent on the set of his movies. Everyone was like ‘eh whatever. One girl sued the guy over it and people were even kinda shitty to her about it. At that point I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe people didn’t think HIV was that big of a deal, like they did years ago.


I just couldn’t understand how a man that people knew for a fact was HIV positive could take ram his fingers up a girls pussy or ass hole and sometimes even take his dick out of his pants on set and rub it against a girls pussy or ass and nobody give two shits about it and the one girl who did speak up about it, was treated like she was the bad guy.

Was it possible that performers just didn’t care if they put themselves at risk for catching HIV anymore? Were we living in the twilight zone?

Then the worst imaginable thing happened, two performers tested positive for HIV, a male and one female. Then all of the sudden people started freaking out.  Wait .. what? Why do you care about it now? Why didn’t you care about it a month ago?

Someone said, well performers just don’t fully understand the risks. HUH? How is it possible?

So I decided to share a story with you about car wrecks. Chances are the average person will never be in a car accident. The odds are very slim. But the more times you are in a car, the increase those odds just slightly, but the more you start doing things like speeding, or running stop signs, you know the riskier driving stuff, the likely hood of you getting in an accident increases dramatically.

The very same concept applies to HIV. Chances are the average person isn’t going to catch HIV but the more they exchange bodily fluid, they increase those odds. And the more riskier behavior they take part in, the more those odds increase.

And just in case there is any confusion, having any sort of sexual relations with a man who you know for a fact is HIV positive is extremely risky behavior, increasing your odds of catching HIV yourself astronomically.

“It won’t happen to me” syndrome is common with performers. But you know what? It can happen to you. Just ask the chick who tested positive on Tuesday for HIV. It can happen to you. Even if you don’t go out there and let John Stagliano from Evil Angel rub his cock against your pussy, what if the girl you are doing a threeway with today, did? Her risky behavior is now your problem because you two are about to exchange a whole hell of a lot of body fluids.


Take a stand and say, you know what … I won’t book scenes with Evil Angel under any circumstances because I don’t think it’s okay what he is doing.

Take a stand and say, you know what … I want to use a condom when I am on set. I know some companies claim that it will hurt sales, but Wicked Pictures uses condoms and they don’t seem to have a problem selling their movies. Gay porn uses condoms and you know what? Gay porn has no problem selling either. And these companies claiming that bullshit about how condom porn won’t sell knows for a fact that there are clear condoms, that if done right won’t show up on film.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not for ANY form of government intervention. The more the government stays the fuck out of our business, the better for the rest of us. But what I am for is your safety and your well being. So we need to be the ones who say, I want to use condoms when I fuck this guy today.

We need to say … I don’t want to book any scenes with anyone who has recently worked on any Evil Angel movie. Their risky behavior just isn’t worth it for me.

We don’t need the government to come in and tell us what to do. But we do need you to stand up for yourself, your body and your own well being and say enough is enough!





Katie Summers Speaks Out!

Katie Summers posted this long and heartfelt blog on Tumblr today [source]

Looks like Pandora has a new box that just opened and that box is my lawsuit against “Buttman” himself, John Stagliano. Adult FYI, AVN, XBIZ, Mike South, and even TMZ posted a story about a case that John Stagliano didn’t inform me that he was HIV, and yes it’s very true, I am suing the guy you call “The Man of the Porn Business.” Bloggers from porn and mainstream have broadcasted this lawsuit, and now I’m blogging about it just so I can set a few things clear, and answer the questions of “Why the fuck is Katie Summers doing this?” Wait till the other shocking news I have to say, so just keep reading.

I started porn in the summer of 2009 when I was 19 years old, a few weeks before my 20th birthday just so yall know 🙂 I got hooked up with Type 9 Models who I guess was a cool agency to be with back in the day, oh and I started in Miami, FL (not Porn Valley). A couple weeks in the business, my agent and I went to lunch with the owner of one of the biggest companies in adult entertainment. It was cool having lunch with such a powerful man in the business that I just started working in and to be told all the fun things that happen and the events etc. We discuss about the kinds of work I would like to do and of course, strapping on a guy was on my top list and Joey Silvera, who also was at lunch with us with, said he would book me a strap on scene when I go out to LA (reminder, I never been to LA before). ALL ABOARD! John Stagliano and Joey were out in Miami shooting for the week and John booked me right away for his Buttman Stretch Class movie, oh yeah this was booked as an anal solo shoot. A few days later I was in “Stags” hotel room, where we shot the scene, all excited cause I never really played with my ass before, lol wanna know something funny, I always thought you automatically got HIV/AIDS if you have anal sex (with an actual penis) condom or no condom, damn I was naive back in the day. One thing that was new to me was putting clothes pins on my pussy lips and butt cheeks, if you look at the recent pic on it shows Stagliano handing me clothespins to put on me, if you look even deeper you can find pics of him holding one of the pins while its on my pussy. Being in piledriver can be tricky, especially when you have Mr. Buttman spreading your ass cheeks so you can fuck yourself, and he is standing over you at that matter, but it looks fucking sexy on camera. After fucking both my holes, I felt like I was the coolest person ever cause I just shot my first scene for Evil Angel and I fucked my ass hole, with the smallest toy in the world!

Fast forward 3 years later sitting in a office, bull shitting about the business, we start talking about Evil Angel and John Stagliano, “yeah I shot for his Stretch Class movie, it was one of my first scenes when I started.” “You know he has HIV right?” Everything in my body just stops, NO I didn’t know he had HIV! I am always the last one to know about things, important things too.

I get it, Google is our best friend and we should use it, but come on, how many of us really research people we are going to work with or just people in the business in general. Also if he is so “open” about being HIV+ wouldn’t he inform us girls that he has it instead of assuming we already know? Why aren’t the agents informing their girls about Stagliano? Let me say this again, I was brand new in the business when the scene was shot and it was in Florida not LA and it was my FIRST shoot with them so we can mark out what some people are trying to say “oh she knew cause she was already around and shot for them a bunch.” I feel it shouldn’t of been my responsibility to look up his status when I went to lunch with the guy, he had so many opportunities, so did my agent, to tell me. If I would of know about Stagliano, I wouldn’t of done the scene, honestly, I would of said no.

People like to point out past scenes I’ve done that say “well isn’t this just the same” laughing to myself, I have to sit here and educate you all like children, I have done scenes with crossover guys, all are tested, none of them have HIV and I also worked with crossover stars where condoms were involved and they we are all tested and test at the same facility. In the scene with John, there was no sexual intercourse but there is sexual content and there is rough footage that didn’t make the cut in the film, what you see, if you pay attention, he does touch my pussy when I have the clothespins on me, he spreads my ass apart, hands me toys and the clothespins, with his bare hands. Working in porn we are required to have a monthly test that is provided on all sets, if you don’t have one, you can’t shoot. So if we are required to have a test, what makes it ok for Stagliano to not provide one, despite the fact that he hasn’t been able to detect the virus in over 15 years, he takes his meds, and thinks its ok to shove toys and speculums with his bare hands, can let girls sit on his face with their cute tight pants on, and shove feet in his mouth? You got to be out of your mind! I know another girl who worked with John in the past year who didn’t he had it either, and you guys sit around saying “you are stupid if you didn’t know he has HIV!” Give me a break, obviously girls don’t know he has it and are not being informed, that’s the fucked up part of this situation. In any sexual content, the person has the right to know if the partner has a disease, we are all grown ups, and if he is open about it, then why are girls coming out saying “I didn’t know he was positive.” So much for a safe, healthy, and fun business.

Majority of people like to throw Rob Black in the mix of everything, which what ever fine say what you want but at least say something worth while. I’m not a puppet to anyone and I’m not living my life that way. Rob doesn’t sit there and say do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that, and he doesn’t say “I hate this person so you can’t work with any of his girls.” You guys seem to think he controls every little thing I do, truth is, he is the person that is straight up honest with me and he was the one that informed me about Stagliano. Rob doesn’t depend on me, I don’t play the game of giving him every thing I earn, we work together people in what ever form you want to take it. With this lawsuit, Rob didn’t demand that I do it, I wanted to do this, this was my choice, and my right. Rob has been there, advised me on things I should of known and helped me think more like a businesswoman than just some young woman trying to figure out what to do with my life. Take it any way you want, bash the facts, but what you build in your head is not what the real picture is.

This lawsuit isn’t about getting a pay day, this is about the safety and health of all the performers in this business. This is something that should be stopped, what John Stagliano does is not right, no matter how tamed or how wild the scenes are, he should not be participating in these movies and just leave them as anal solos. Us girls should be informed that he is HIV+ and that will give us the choice if we want to do the scene or not.

As I said before and as I say now, I was brand new to the business, Buttman’s Stretch Class was the first scene I have done for Evil Angel, John Stagliano had more than one chance to say he was positive, and the scene was shot in Florida.

BUSTED! John Stagliano Caught in Sexual Contact

Rob Black broke this story but it’s important so I want to share it with you guys.

John Stagliano owner of Evil Angel, his wife and now AVN has claimed that during the production of his Stretch Class series he did not have sexual contact with the female performers so there was no need to reveal his HIV positive status.

While other pictures have already surfaced that he has in fact had contact of a sexual nature with him in other movies … here is further proof, as plain as day that he is having what appears to be unprotected sexual contact with a female performer.

Can anyone say oops, busted?

Stagliano - busted -1 Stagliano - busted -2 Stagliano - busted -3

Wonder if AVN is ready to recant their previous statement?


AVN Goes Public with Their Support of Evil Angel

I just say that today I’m highly disappointed in AVN, who went public and on record to say the following ….

AVN has obtained a copy of Buttman’s Stretch Class 4 and viewed the scene in question in its entirety. We can report that Stagliano’s only contact with Summers during the scene is some light touching and squeezing of her buttocks, breasts, stomach and legs, and that he states at both the beginning and end of the scene that he and Summers are in Florida. At no point in the footage does any part of Stagliano’s anatomy enter her body or touch her genitals.

So let me get this right … a person who has been confirmed to be HIV positive gets into a legal tangle over sexual contact with a female performer and not disclosing his HIV positive status releases EDITED footage of the movie in question and AVN posts that they verified this EDITED footage, released by Evil Angel (the HIV guy) and they confirm no sexual contact has been made. I mean hey, this is a guy who contracted HIV, then has been caught touching more than one female in the past (CAUGHT ON VIDEO) and would never lie, right? I mean that makes sense.

john Stagliano

I’m sorry but this just pisses me off.

Why would AVN go on record to say they seen EDITED VIDEO PROVIDED BY EVIL ANGEL and say they back up John Stagliano?

We’ve already seen video and photos of John Stagliano sticking his fingers up girls ass or stretching a girls pussy with his fingers so why is it so hard to believe he did it to Katie Summers too?

Who wants to bet all the BTS footage for that movie goes magically missing?

Some people are saying that Katie Summers should have known better. That this is her own fault for not keeping up on her porn history – that she has been in the business long enough to know who’s who. Right?

Actually at the time this scene took place, she was only in the business for about two weeks and this was her only her 4th ever scene. She wasn’t even in LA or around any of the typical LA people. She was working in Miami and her agent, Kevin O’Neil form Type 9 Models hooked her up with John Stagliano and Joey Silvera who were in town at the time.




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Katie Summers


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