AVN Goes Public with Their Support of Evil Angel

I just say that today I’m highly disappointed in AVN, who went public and on record to say the following ….

AVN has obtained a copy of Buttman’s Stretch Class 4 and viewed the scene in question in its entirety. We can report that Stagliano’s only contact with Summers during the scene is some light touching and squeezing of her buttocks, breasts, stomach and legs, and that he states at both the beginning and end of the scene that he and Summers are in Florida. At no point in the footage does any part of Stagliano’s anatomy enter her body or touch her genitals.

So let me get this right … a person who has been confirmed to be HIV positive gets into a legal tangle over sexual contact with a female performer and not disclosing his HIV positive status releases EDITED footage of the movie in question and AVN posts that they verified this EDITED footage, released by Evil Angel (the HIV guy) and they confirm no sexual contact has been made. I mean hey, this is a guy who contracted HIV, then has been caught touching more than one female in the past (CAUGHT ON VIDEO) and would never lie, right? I mean that makes sense.

john Stagliano

I’m sorry but this just pisses me off.

Why would AVN go on record to say they seen EDITED VIDEO PROVIDED BY EVIL ANGEL and say they back up John Stagliano?

We’ve already seen video and photos of John Stagliano sticking his fingers up girls ass or stretching a girls pussy with his fingers so why is it so hard to believe he did it to Katie Summers too?

Who wants to bet all the BTS footage for that movie goes magically missing?

Some people are saying that Katie Summers should have known better. That this is her own fault for not keeping up on her porn history – that she has been in the business long enough to know who’s who. Right?

Actually at the time this scene took place, she was only in the business for about two weeks and this was her only her 4th ever scene. She wasn’t even in LA or around any of the typical LA people. She was working in Miami and her agent, Kevin O’Neil form Type 9 Models hooked her up with John Stagliano and Joey Silvera who were in town at the time.




He said, she said and the fucking truth

I seen somewhere that Teagan Presley is celebrating her birthday today and it got me thinking about her.  I’ve been a fan of Teagan Presley’s for awhile now.  I mean how can you not love a girl who stars in a movie like Cum in My Ass, Not in My Mouth or Cum Swapping Sluts. It was as my mind was wondering that I started to think about her name and how now for some reason she only goes by Teagan.  That got me wondering as to why that is.

As the story goes, Teagan Presley needed a last name and decided she would use Presley in part as homage to Lisa Marie Presley.  She said in an interview once with Bizarre Magainze that it was she who came up with the name Teagan Presley.

Teagan Presley said : I was on set once with Joey Silvera of (porn company) Evil Angel. He’s one of my favourite directors. I love him to death. We were talking and he’s like, “Have you ever thought about using a last name?” I told him no, and he was like, “Well, you really remind me of Lisa Marie Presley. I think you should use that last name.” So from then on I just took it on as my own.

Notice that she came up with the user of the name while on set of an Evil Angel movie … not a Digital Playground one.  This is important later on in the story.  She was 19 at the time she did this interview, so this was about 2004.  Prior to giving herself this last name, she has been going only be the name Teagan.  You see this in her early work (2003, early 2004) such as her movie she did for Ninn Worx in 2003 called Halle Vanderhyden’s Innocence : Little Secrets.

One of the first movies she uses the full name Teagan Presley is on the movie Truly Nice Ass 7 : Scrumptious by a company called DVSX.  Soon after she would sign a conract to work with Digital Playground.  Now this is where it gets confusing.  Somehow during the signing of her contract with them apparently she gave away the rights to the use of her name “Teagan Presley” and when she wanted to leave them they reminded her of this little clause and wouldn’t let her use her name anymore.

HOWEVER do keep in mind that when Teagan Presley left Digital Playground they were the first to say through press releases at places like AVN and XBIZ that the split wason good terms and in an article on AVN Digital Playground is quoted as haven said …

“Neither Digital Playground nor its representatives have ever said Teagan could not use her name after she ceases to be an exclusive performer for DP,” Piccionelli said.

In an article I found on XBIZ it says that

“We’re not seeking any legal action against her in any form or anything else,” O’Neal said. “When we split with Teagan, it was amicable and still is. We really don’t know where this is coming from.”

So then why the fuck isn’t Teagan Presley allowed to use her full name?

I remember awhile ago there was a similar issue with Kira Kener and Vivid but that seems to have been resolved in favor of Kira Kener getting rights to her name so again why isn’t Teagan Presley able to use her full name anymore?

Did you know that Teagan Presley almost became a Club Jenna girl?  Yep!  It’s true.  Just before signing with Digital Playground she had something going on with Jenna Jameson.  Here is what Jenna Jameson thinks about Digital Playground.  It’s very insightful.  ^^

Jenna Jameson blogs : Aug-06-2004:This started out being a really bad day. The girl that was scheduled for todays sex scene called and canceled 1 hour after her call time and it set us back 6 hours!!!!! Basically made us push the other scene for the day and cost the production 20K+! I am soooooo mad. We hired Teagan to do a scene. We also were considering signing her as a new clubjenna girl. She decided to sign with Digital Playground, coool I hope it goes well. Well DP decided that they didnt want her on our set and came up with multiple reasons , all lies, why she couildn’t be on set. They are known for being unscrupulous and unethical, so it really didnt surprise me at all. Too bad for them she would have been in the biggest selling movie of all time, would have really helped her career and made them more money in the long run! I will be sending them a bill for production costs. I think Justin will lbe handling this one…they better watch out! Ah, the movie on set drama…LOL.

Also why doesn’t she have control of either of her listed official websites (ClubTeagan.com and TeaganRaw.com)?  She lost control of not one but both of them?!!  I noticed a “fan” site has control of TeaganPresley.com.  Why not just go to ICANN and dispute it to get control back?  I serously hope this new boyfriend of hers is a lawyer.

It’s all so confusing but here is what we do know.  Today is her birthday. So happy birthday Teagan Presley.

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley