Jessi Summers has finally resurfaced…. on the net… Jessi has a MYSPACE page and her official website…

Jessi Writes from her JOURNAL

i’m horny!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 30, 2007
being out of the business has left me with a lot of time on my hands, and i have been getting into a lot of trouble back home in oregon…lol good trouble though.

i’m so horny right now i wish i could fuck someone, i guess i’ll just play with myself…oh my god i’m so wet… i want to start talking to some fans email me! my email is i wanna hear some of your stories of what you would do with me if given the chance.

the person will get the underwear i am wearing right now now signed!



check out my myspace:)
Jan 31, 2007
hey everyone! checkout my myspace!

my display name is jessi summers(the real one)!

show me some love!




to my real friends….

i miss you! i wish i could take back the things that have happened between us to tear us apart. i know that i sound like a pussy writing this but i miss you! i miss you mike and trisha especially, i really miss hanging out with you. nd david i miss you too, you were a friend through all the drama and i wish i could see you. plus i want to say to all my friends in the industry i miss you and please contact me if you get a chance, i feel like such a loser for doing all the things i hhave done but at the same time i don’t feel totally bad for everything, you guys fucked up too. and to steve you fucked me over royally! but i let you so i can’t really blame you. i love you so much for the short time we were together. and to dave i am sooooooooooooo sorry for everyhting i did to you and i would love to talk to you again and see how you have been. i messed up with you and i am really sorry. i have done a whole lot of nothing for the last six months and i really want to get back into the industry! i miss you all and i miss my job! it was the best and i will do anything to get back into it!

i went nuts, that’s all i can say. i thought i was in love but i was wrong. i thought i found a man i would spend the rest of my life with but i was wrong. he was just an immature boy who ruined me for a minute, but i’m not dead and i”m willing to start over. steve’s still my best friend and to all you girls out there you better have some good game if you get with him!

to benny-

i miss you sweetie! you are such a sweet and endearing soul! lol i know that sounds dorky but i truly miss you and would love to talk to you.

to tim-

i really want to talk to you timmy! i miss you

anyway, if anyone cares i’m in reno right now at my mom’s trying to collect my mind. the last six months have been extremely hard but i guess all i can say is that i have learned from it and i am so much stronger from it.

my mom is going through some tough times and if anyone who reads this is religous i will ask you please to pray for her. she is such a sweet lady who is going through so much.

to my brother. thank you for getting me out of that apartment and that bad situation, you are awesome!


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We posted here last week that Tim Myren, the founder of Naughty Talent, had been pushed out of his own company.

We also speculated that with Tim forced out that his two big name stars who also happen to be roommates, DAISY and JESSI SUMMERS would probably leave with him.

We were correct!!!

Tim brought both Daisy and Jessi to meet with LA Direct owner Derek Hay over the weekend and we’re happy to report that both girls will now be represented by LA Direct!!

To book either Jessi or Daisy… contact LA Direct at 818-752-5080


Despite a press release a few weeks back saying basically that “Tim will handle the girls, which is what he does best and we’ll be bringing in some new people to run the business side’, Lukeford has learned that Tim Myren is OUT of the company the management company he started and founded, Naughty Talent.

What will this mean to two of the hottest girls in the business, Daisy and Jessi Summers? Who knows… their loyalties were always to Tim first… so stay tuned.