Jesse Jane Confusion. Is her engagement off?

On November 07, 2012 we reported Jesse Jane’s engagement _HERE_ and then again talked about it on November 21, 2012 _HERE_ where she decided to stop doing boys.  We even showed you a picture of her engagement ring she got while in Paris with her fiance, her personal trainer boyfriend, now fiance Michael Giovanni.


Jesse Jane Engaged - 1


Now the Las Vegas Sun is reporting something rather different.  [source]  His story implies that she’s divorced, single and ready to mingle.  While we realize she is divorced from her last husband.  What about her engagement to Michael Giovanni?  That was just a few months ago.  This article makes it seem like he’s not a part of her life anymore.

2013 AVN Awards co-host Jesse Jane was getting ready to retire from the porn world when she was here a year ago, but she’s changed her mind and as a single mom discussed it with her son before re-inking her contract.

In a complicated series of corporate takeovers, it has led to her returning to Playboy TV. The blonde bombshell talked with me on her way to Las Vegas for today’s start of the Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel and Saturday’s co-hosting role with Asa Akira at The Joint.

“This is my second time hosting,” Jesse told me. “Usually they have you do it only one time, to be fair to everybody, but since it’s the 30th anniversary, they asked me back. It’s six years since I did it anyway.

“I’ve already bought two dresses for the awards. I am still looking for that perfect last dress. I have a white, short rhinestone dress, heart shaped; it is strapless, very pretty. Then I have a crazy dress that is also heart shaped with a bunch of vibrant colors, and it’s short in the front and long in the back with a rhinestone top — and then it just poofs out in all this material. It is super fun and crazy.

“I need one more dress that I still just can’t find that I love. I want something elegant, so I’ll go to a store I love in Vegas. It will probably be a last-minute dress because they always custom it to me in a day.”

I’ve known Jesse from back in her days as a Hooters manager who became a Hawaiian Tropic model before entering the adult-entertainment world. What is she planning for the awards?

“I hate the boring stuff, and I don’t like to follow the scripts that they write,” she laughed. “I want it to be exciting, funny and adventurous. I just can’t read it word-for-word, so I have to throw in my own humor; I am going to throw in some jokes. I can’t follow the rules; I never follow the rules!”

Jesse doesn’t know how many award nominations she has this year. She told me: “I never know because I never pay attention. We are always up for several for Digital Playground, we are always up for Best Group Scene, Best Girl Group Scene. … I am sure ‘Babysitters 2’ is up. There is no way we are not nominated.

“But I still haven’t won Best Female Performer of the Year! I believe that’s due to the fact that I don’t do everything, so I will never get that. There are several things that I don’t do on camera, which I think are requirements, so I will probably never win that one.

“The last time we talked in Vegas at AVN [last year], I was on the verge of retiring. They extended my contract, and the new company that bought Digital Playground also bought Playboy TV, so I am about to take that back over.

“It’s been three years since I was on Playboy. They want me to produce shows. I loved doing Playboy TV; it was so fun, so it will be good to start that back up again. That’s soft porn, where I did the hosting, so now I have two more years left on my contract.

“I had to deal with it with my son when I decided to renew rather than retire. He is at the age now where he is 13, you know, at 11, I let it soften with Playboy TV. I let him know that I have done magazines, and been on TV, and that people see me naked; it’s my job. And now that he turned 13, back in July, we had the talk and everything, and it’s fine.

“Luckily, we still live in a quite mid-country state where you can’t buy it, and you don’t see it. So unless he goes on the Internet, which I am pretty strict about, he can’t see it, and we are good. He totally understands.

“I’m single again. Last March, I split up with my husband, so I am divorced. I’m not coming to Vegas to look for love, but I am looking for fun. I just want to have fun. Enough of marriage for a while! I have been in a relationship back-to-back-to-back since I was 17, and I think it’s time for me now to just have fun.”

(Her fun included checking out Chippendales at The Rio on Tuesday night; thanks to Scott Harrison for his photo gallery of Jesse with dancers Sami Eskelin, Jon Howes, Nathan Minor and John Rivera.)

Jesse has parlayed her porn profession into other businesses. “My tequila business is going really well, and people are loving it. We’re slowly saturating the markets across the country. We’re about to expand into Texas and Chicago.

“I have another deal I’m working on that we should wrap up while I am in Vegas. A lot of people want me to start writing my book, but I am not ready yet. They are pressuring me to at least start writing down stories, or have a ghostwriter, but I just figure what is the point when I am still in porn. I figure wait until the end, then I give you the beginning to the end.

“I never thought I’d go from Hooters to this business. This has exceeded my expectations by far. I love my job. I have no regrets. People who get in this and are unsuccessful — they are like, ‘This business ruined me’ — that is because they aren’t smart in this. My job has been great to me, and I am still having the time of my life.”