Britney Amber Spices Up Black Friday With Sexy Specials


Britney starts the holiday season with sales on Kiiroo, OnlyFans, Cameo, and her own branded merchandise.

For Immediate Release: November 21st, 2022

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Erotic content creator Britney Amber ( is treating her fans to multiple Black Friday sales. Beginning on Friday, November 25th, Britney will begin offering specials on her network of platforms. From Cameo shout-outs to custom OnlyFans clips, from Britney Amber branded beanies to the official Feel Britney star stroker from Kiiroo, there will be plenty of ways to get connected with her.

"It's the most wonderful time of the year, so I wanted to share that feeling with fans," said Britney. "I decided to have Black Friday specials across several of the exciting projects I'm involved with."


Fans looking for something cozy to wear in the upcoming winter months can get their hands on Britney Amber branded beanies. The comfy beanies will keep heads warm while representing the award-winning actress and come in Green or Pink. From November 25th until November 28th, the beanies will be 50% off.



Fans looking to get a holiday shout-out from Britney need to hit up Cameo this weekend! Beginning Friday, the first 30 people to order a shout-out will get 50% off! See samples of Britney's fun and sexy Cameo shout-out here: The discount ends on November 27th, or when all 30 spots have been taken.

For those that want something a little more naughty than nice, Britney is offering a discounted subscription rate to her OnlyFans page. This weekend, new sign-ups can join at 50% of the regular rate. Adults can explore Britney's sexier side with a deep-dive into exclusive videos and pictures, sext with Britney or even order a custom clip. There is a world of adventure waiting on, and 50% off until November 30th.


Whether one subscribes to Britney's OnlyFans or watches erotic movies, the best way to maximize pleasure is with a Feel Britney stroker by Kiiroo! Molded from Britney's beautiful body, the Feel Britney stroker replicates each exquisite detail of her anatomy with an incredibly soft skin-like material. It's paired with a sleeve packed with ribs and bumps to provide ultimate pleasure. From now until November 30th, adults can score the Feel Britney stroker for 40% off with additional deals of up to 70%! Purchase this perfect stocking stuffer at

Britney Amber is loading up fans with special Black Friday deals! Get hooked up with discounts on Kiiroo, Cameo, OnlyFans, and Britney's own branded merchandise!

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The Sylvester Stallone Porno Rights Up For Auction

Here is your chance to buy a piece of history. The rights to the “Italian Stallion” film are up for sale on ebay!  Yes this is the adult film that Hollywood Legend Sylvester Stallone made years ago.  The ebay auction is set to end on November 20th so make your bids now!  It is truly a one of a kind, very unique piece of movie history that can be yours, if the price is right. 🙂  The bidding on this auction is considered private which basically means that your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller.

He was then, he still is and always will be the “ITALIAN STALLION”.

Available for sale for the first time in 40 years, a unique piece of movie history, the world wide rights in perpetuity, complete with the original 35mm negatives to Sylvester Stallone’s WORLD FAMOUS soft core art film “ITALIAN STALLION”.

This film is a one of a kind collectible, a unique multi-million dollar business opportunity as the footage and images can be used for ANY PURPOSE.

This is Stallone’s first starring film role where he bares all as “Stud” whose world revolves entirely around sex, sex and more sex, an interest he shares with his girl, Kitty, who likes her men tough and muscular!

Shot in 1970, Stallone was paid $200 for two days work but would never do scenes like this again at any price. He recently starred in the mega blockbuster,”The Expendables” and is in planning for “The Expendables II.” now. Needless to say, there will be no “Italian Stallion II” as there were in the Mega series Rocky 1-6 or The Rambo Series.


1) What is the name of this film? Originally, the working title in 1970 was “Party at Kitty and Studs”. The film was not released, however and once “Rocky” was under way, it was re-edited and released as “Italian Stallion”, which was also Sly’s nick name prior to “Rocky”.

2) What is the length of the movie? Did it get an academy award? 72 minutes. Sylvester Stallone is in most of it. It’s an art film, so no academy awards!!

3) I read there is a hardcore version, is there?. The film has a lot of sex, nudity and is outrageous, but it is not X porn. It never was intended to be. Bootleggers in Germany intercut the hardcore footage into it years ago. As we have world wide rights, we made them license it from us and send us a copy for approval. This version of the film will be included on a Digi Beta tape should yor desire.

4) What licences are still remaining?

  • A) Japan – DVD expires May 14, 2012.
  • B) Scandanavia – Theatrical and DVD expires June 1, 2014.
  • C) Benelux – All rights expire April 1, 2014. They must also pay 50% of any monies made for TV or VOD.
  • D) Italy – DVD, TV and VOD expires July 31, 2012, with an option to renew subject to negotiation.
  • E) Germany – A non-exclusive license for the “All About Sex” German TV show, rights expire July 1, 2012.
  • F) United Kingdom U.K. – DVD, TV and VOD expires June 26, 2011.
  • G) Australia – DVD only, expires January 9, 2012.
  • H) South Africa – Expires November 1, 2014.
  • I) E! Channel buys non-exclusive clips only to be used on a particular TV show. They usually pay about $1000 for every 15 seconds. E! Channel would be happy to continue this arrangement with the new owner.

5) I read that MGM tried to buy the movie from you last year? Yes, that is true. Unfortunately, they ran into severe financial difficulties and negotiations stalled.

6) Are the negatives in good condition? Yes, they were last inspected by Deluxe in 2007. I am also amenable, if required, to any reputable lab inspection in the Los Angeles area PRIOR to the end of the auction at your cost.

7) How can I contact you? You can contact me directly to answer any questions not covered in the faq at::

8) If I win the auction, what can I do with the movie? You own the “Italian Stallion”, copyright and original negative, you can do whatever you want with it, enjoy it, keep it as an investment and/or make money with it, license it in the United States or overseas, home video, internet, tv, etc. The footage and images alone are a multi-million dollar opportunity and can be used for ANY PURPOSE, in fact, with the negatives and a good lab, they can digitize the color pixels and the footage could look like it was shot yesterday. The film transfer for the DVD and overseas sales was a basic one done several years ago. The film has never been released on HD, 3D or Blu-Ray.

9) Why are you selling? I am only selling if the price is right.

10) If I win, how do I pay? Bank wire within 24 hours.

11) How will I receive the film? In the special shipping containers used to transport films and negatives fully insured for any loss.

Ginger Lynn Sells Child Porn on Ebay

Apparently porn legend Ginger Lynn is a dumb ass.

She decided to put up for a sale a movie poster on ebay from a film she made with then underage performer Traci Lords.  The poster includes a shot of the clearly exposed nipple of Traci Lords.  Now here is where the real problem comes in —-

Wikipedia says that Traci Lords was born on May 7, 1968.

The photos for this movie slick “MISS PASSION” were shot on location in Hollywood, California in the year 1984 as one in a series of photos taken for the box cover of the adult movie “MISS PASSION featuring TRACI LORDS”.

So if we do the math, that makes Traci Lords 16 years old at the time of that shoot.

Can we say OOOOOOOOPS!

Here is what the Ginger Lynn ad text says about this movie poster she is selling —








Item Description

This listing is for:   ONE (1) personally autographed full color 8×10 SEXY original movie slick featuring TRACI LORDS and me, adult film star GINGER LYNN.  (Slick NOT autographed by Traci Lords)

ONE (1) Certificate Of Authenticity.

The photos for this movie slick “MISS PASSION” were shot on location in Hollywood, California in the year 1984 as one in a series of photos taken for the box cover of the adult movie “MISS PASSION featuring TRACI LORDS”.

This personally autographed original color movie slick is EXTREMELY RARE.

The slick features a high gloss full color front and plain white back.

This movie slick is in excellent condition.

The images are clean, clear and crisp. It is printed on high gloss light weight photographic paper from a photo lab.

This item will be signed by me to you or a friend.  No generic Ginger Lynn autographs as this item is not intended for resale.

I am the original; I am the one and only Ginger Lynn (Allen) star of stage, screen and film (adult and mainstream).  If you want to be sure you are receiving an authentic Ginger Lynn or Ginger Lynn Allen product, this is the place where you can be assured of authenticity and satisfaction.