Watch out Google, Bing really is catching up!

I can remember the day it was announced that Google had 40% of all US searches.  It was such a big deal, it was all anyone would talk about.  Of course quite a bit has changed since then and that includes the introduction of BING.   According to a recent story at CNET, Google now controls about 65% of all US web searches, with Bing coming in about 30% and Yahoo at about 15%.

So Google is more than twice as good as Bing and Bing is about twice as good as Yahoo.

Google, obviously the power house giant has actually been on a gradual decline.  In December of 2010 they controlled 69.7%, the next month they dropped to 68%, then in February 66.7% and now in March they are coming in at 64.4%.  Sure these aren’t major drops but possibly a sign of the big push Bing has been making to gain market share.  Bing is gaining market share faster than Google is losing it though.  While Google may drop a point here and there, Bing seems to be going up even faster.  Sucks to be Yahoo I guess.

Hitwise comes up with these numbers by monitoring the 10 million Internet users from the United States.